Time is a healer: Selena Gomez treats herself to fast-food feast on first outing since mother’s miscarriage

Despite facing a difficult time during the holiday season due to her mother’s miscarriage and losing her unborn sister, Selena Gomez was seen with a smile on her face as she indulged in a fast-food meal at a McDonald’s drive-thru in LA. She wasted no time in devouring her chips, displaying a relaxed attitude. This marks one of her initial public appearances since her family’s unfortunate loss in December.

Looking to grab a quick bite, Selena Gomez swung by McDonald’s drive-thru on her way to visit Justin Bieber at his residence in LA. The meal was intended for two, making for a cozy lunch with her beau.

Selena was caught on camera chatting away on her phone while refueling her car. Despite the recent disclosure of her sister’s name in a heartfelt tweet, the actress appeared to be in good spirits and demonstrated her ability to multitask. Her fashion sense was also on point, as she rocked a chic ensemble consisting of dark hair, slim-fitting grey jeans, wedge heels, statement jewelry, and a casual white shirt tied at the waist.

Selena makes a grab for the largest drink size from the drive-thru attendant, showing her preference for big portions. Despite going through a personal tragedy, Selena and her band The Scene are scheduled to perform at her charity concert on January 20th at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. She excitedly shared on social media that she has surprise guests lined up for the UNICEF charity show. Selena has been a UNICEF Ambassador since 2009 and believes in giving back. She’s thrilled to connect with fans in person while raising funds for important causes. In addition, Selena has written an open-letter to her friend Demi Lovato, showing her support after Demi’s struggles with self-harm and eating disorders led to rehab in late 2010.

Selena was spotted enjoying a snack, proving that even slender girls eat. In other news, Demi Lovato recently attended a special lunch hosted by Seventeen magazine’s editor, Ann Shoket. During the event, Shoket readaoud an email from Selena Gomez, praising Demi for her bravery and determination to better herself. Demi reciprocated the love and admiration, stating that she and Selena have never fought because Selena is not one to seek out confrontation.

Unhappy: Selena seemed unimpressed with the fast food she had received.

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