The Online Community in a Frenzy over Cardi B’s Lavish Pregnancy and Childbirth Style

Cardi B is one of the prominent figures in the American music industry. Known not only for her rebellious and provocative image, but also for her musical talent, the female rapper also attracts attention from the public for her extravagant fashion choices.
Social media has been buzzing with excitement over Cardi B’s flashy style during pregnancy and childbirth.
Cardi B and rapper Offset got married in September 2017. Despite facing numerous challenges in their marriage, including Offset’s infidelity, the female rapper chose to forgive and continue their life together. On September 4, 2021, Cardi B successfully gave birth to her second daughter with husband Offset.

Just one hour after announcing the birth of her baby, Cardi B has already garnered over 5 million likes. And the likes keep coming. Fans are amazed by the lavishness of the mother of two as she brings along a Louis Vuitton blanket worth over 27 million VND and sports a glamorous nail set while lying on the maternity bed.
Not only in this event, but the female singer always sparks discussions with her bold style and wealth.

She always appears next to her husband with a fresh and energetic look. During her pregnancy, Cardi wore branded clothes, flaunting photos that “smell like money”. The tight and daring dresses revealed her voluptuous figure. Some people even expressed concerns for the female rapper because she was always full of energy despite her growing belly. She didn’t hesitate to wear high heels, go shopping while pregnant, and carry designer handbags.

The collection features 26 Birkin designs with a combined value of half a million dollars, leaving fans in awe.

A stunning lady showcases her choice of accessory, an exquisite crocodile skin Birkin bag priced at $79,000. What catches the eye even more is her vibrant blue hair, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

The female singer is happily offering a necklace worth nearly 3.5 billion dong as a special birthday gift for her daughter.

Cardi B and her firstborn daughter featured in the latest issue of Vogue magazine.

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