Sweet Gestures: Bullmastiff Brutus Soothes Newborn Sibling with Precious Toy, Revealing a Special Connection of Love and Comfort

Brutus, the bullmastiff residing in Northern California, has a special attachment to one particular toy that he hasn’t destroyed: the cherished fluffball. This plush yellow toy is the only one that Brutus doesn’t tear to pieces within minutes, according to his owner Bonnie michalek.

Bonnie michalek knows that, for all of Brutus’ toy-destroying antics, he is actually the most loyal and gentle dog around.

Bonnie michalek and her husband welcomed Brutus into their family in 2016, once they settled into a home spacious enough to accommodate a large dog like him. To michalek, Brutus is more than just a pet – she lovingly refers to him as her “first baby.”

When Brutus was still a little one himself, Bonnie michalek now finds herself labeling him as a “first” because she recently welcomed their first baby into the world 11 weeks ago, a boy named Kayden.

Bonnie michalekDespite Kayden being a fresh addition to the family, the michaleks were not worriedaout how Brutus would adjust to the new baby.“He’s always been great with kids,” michalek shared. “Whenever he hears children laughing outside, he gets so happy.”In fact, Brutus seemed to sense that the michaleks were expecting before they even realized it themselves.

Bonnie michalek shared that Brutus, her dog, somehow knew she was pregnant before she did. Even when michalek’s husband was away working, Brutus refused to stay in his crate, wanting to be by her side at all times. At first, she thought he was just misbehaving, but now she realizes he was trying to protect her. As a result, she made sure to involve Brutus in the preparations for their new family member, little Kayden, knowing how much he cared for her.

When Kayden was born, Bonnie made sure Brutus stayed at her parents’ house. When the family came to bring him back, Bonnie knew Brutus, being the mama’s boy he is, would need some alone time with her before meeting the baby.“I gave him some extra attention,” Bonnie explained. Afterward, Brutus was ready to meet Kayden. “He ignored my husband completely and went straight to the baby. He couldn’t wait to give him kisses and cuddle up to him.”

From the moment they met, Brutus has been sticking to Kayden like glue. Whenever he hears Kayden in distress, Brutus springs into action, bringing along his beloved fluffy toy to offer some comfort. According to michalek, he’s always ready to cheer Kayden up with a thoughtful gesture.

Bonnie michalekWatching his little brother play with the fluffy toy always brought a smile to Brutus’ face. He knew that it had the power to bring joy just like it did for himself, even if milk was the real secret behind its effectiveness.

Bonnie michalek is excitedaout the future with her whole family, especially looking forward to taking Kayden to their cabin for summer trips. They enjoy hiking and have been doing it since their dog Brutus was a puppy. michalek, who used to visit the cabin as a child, can’t wait to share this tradition with Kayden.

Bonnie michalek is a one-of-a-kind individual, with a personality that shines brighter than the stars in the sky.

Bonnie michalekWith Kayden’s arrival, everyone in the household is experiencing new lessons and growth. Even Brutus has discovered a whole new world of toys that aren’t meant for dogs. Hopefully, Kayden will reciprocate by sharing his treasures with Brutus.

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