Rampaging XL Bully Dog Injures Three Individuals

Yesterday, police were forced to fatally shoot a dangerously aggressive XL bully-type dog that had attacked another dog and injured three people. Authorities had tried to restrain the large bulldog-type dog but had no choice but to resort to deadly force after their attempts failed. The incident occurred in East Kilbride, where local officers, unable to control the dog safely, had to call in armed police for assistance. Following the shooting, three individuals sustained minor injuries. Video footage of the incident, which was shared on social media, depicted armed police at the scene as they had to take down the animal. An investigation is currently underway to determine the breed of the dog, and a referral has been sent to the police investigation authority due to the discharge of a firearm during the incident. According to a spokesman from Police Scotland, the incident unfolded around 10:25 am on Sunday, February 18th, when authorities were alerted to a report of a large bulldog-type dog attacking a collie dog in the Mannering area of East Kilbride.

FromĀ  Friday, February 23 all owners of XL Bullies in Scotland must make sure their dog wears a muzzle and is kept on a lead at all times in public.

Starting this Friday, all XL Bully owners in Scotland must ensure that their dogs wear a muzzle and are leashed when in public. This new regulation comes after a recent incident where a dangerously out of control XL Bully had to be shot by police after causing minor injuries to three individuals.

Furthermore, it will be illegal to breed, sell, exchange, gift, advertise, abandon, or allow an XL Bully to roam freely. By August, owning an XL Bully without an exemption certificate will also be considered an offence.

Scotland implemented this ban later than England and Wales, leading to concerns about XL Bullies being brought across the border for rehoming. Just last month, a man suffered severe injuries from a bully-type dog that had been brought up from England. The police had to intervene once again by shooting the dog after it attacked its owner and another man in Hamilton.

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