Massive XL Bully Dog Injures Three Individuals in Violent Outbreak

Yesterday, a large bulldog-type dog that was behaving dangerously and out of control was shot and killed by police after attacking another dog and causing injuries to three people. Despite attempts by local officers to restrain the dog, it continued to pose a threat, leading to the involvement of armed police who ultimately had to use their firearms to stop the animal. Videos of the incident, which took place in East Kilbride, have been circulating on social media and an investigation is underway to determine the breed of the dog. Additionally, authorities are looking into the discharge of firearms during the incident. According to a statement from a Police Scotland spokesperson, the incident occurred on Sunday morning following reports of an attack by the large dog on a collie in the area.

FromĀ  Friday, February 23 all owners of XL Bullies in Scotland must make sure their dog wears a muzzle and is kept on a lead at all times in public.

Starting from this upcoming Friday, all owners of XL Bullies in Scotland are required to ensure that their dogs wear muzzles and are kept on a leash whenever they are out in public. This precaution comes after a recent incident where a dangerously out of control dog had to be restrained by local officers. Unfortunately, the situation escalated, and armed officers had to intervene by fatally shooting the dog. Three individuals sustained minor injuries during the altercation.

An investigation is underway to determine the breed of the dog involved in the incident. The police will maintain a presence in the area as they continue with their inquiries. The circumstances surrounding the use of firearms will be reviewed by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner, as per protocol.

The condition of the three injured individuals and the collie dog involved in the incident remains unknown at this time.

Effective this Friday, all XL bully owners in Scotland must ensure that their dogs wear muzzles and are leashed when in public. Additionally, it will be illegal to breed, sell, exchange, gift, advertise, abandon, or allow an XL bully to stray. By August, owning an XL bully without an exemption certificate will also be considered an offense.

There were concerns that XL bullies were being brought into Scotland from England and Wales to be rehomed after Scotland implemented its ban later than its neighboring countries. An example of the potential dangers posed by these dogs was seen last month when a man was seriously injured by a bully-type dog that had been brought from England just two weeks prior. In that case, the dog had to be shot by the authorities after it attacked its owner and another individual in Hamilton.

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