How Cardi B’s Quick Thinking Saved Her from Embarrassment During Bonnaroo Wardrobe Malfunction

During her performance at the 2019 Bonnaroo Music Arts Festival, Cardi B encountered an awkward wardrobe malfunction. The incident involved her sparkling rainbow catsuit, which unexpectedly tore on her backside while she was energetically dancing and leaping on stage. Startling photographs captured the moment and have been circulating online.

While dancing, the seams of the catsuit she was wearing started to slowly tear apart. Even though half of her backside was exposed, Cardi, who is 26 years old, didn’t seem to be bothered and kept performing for her fans. The rapper, famous for her hit “Bodak Yellow”, wore a purple boot heel which matched her vibrant catsuit, flaunting her well-toned abs in the tight-fitting outfit. Her makeup was shimmery and her hair fell on her shoulders throughout the show.

During her concert, Cardi B surprised the audience by appearing on stage wearing only a cream robe and a strapless bra in beige color. However, as the bra moved down her chest, her fans were able to spot a scar on her right breast that appeared to be reddish in color. The scar is most probably a result of her recent surgery, which she had admitted to having done during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in May. Cardi revealed that she underwent breast augmentation surgery after giving birth to her daughter Kulture. She shared that while she feels good about her new look, there are times when she still experiences discomfort due to the stretched skin caused by pregnancy. As she jokingly put it, “yes, my daughter f***ed me up.”

At the age of 19, Cardi had her first breast augmentation and she has always been open about her love for cosmetic procedures. In a recent Instagram post, she boldly announced to her followers that she plans to have another breast enhancement in November or December. She even referred to the surgery as a “titty renovation” because she feels like her last surgery did not meet her expectations. Nevertheless, it appears that she is still in need of some recovery time from her most recent procedure.

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