Cardi B Plans To Infuse Chicago Drill Trap Sound In Her Upcoming Album: “Drill Music Is My Jam”

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Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” has been a hit since its release three years ago, with its lead single “Bodak Yellow” being the first rap song by a female artist to be certified Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America. However, Cardi is now focusing on her sophomore effort, which she finds challenging due to the public perception of the type of rapper she should be. While Cardi has always had a passion for Chicago drill and trap music, she feels that female trap artists are constantly compared to each other and forced to compete in the same style of rapping, unlike male trap artists. Cardi wants to focus on her own sound for her next album and hates being compared to other female rappers. She believes that it’s essential to work at her own pace and tune out the noise to achieve success on her terms. For instance, she didn’t let public opinion pressure her to release “WAP” early and waited for the right moment to drop the record, which was certified Platinum less than three weeks later.

Cardi B has faced a lot of criticism from fans and non-fans alike, particularly surrounding her song “WAP.” Despite being a fan of similarly explicit artists like Khia, Trina, Lil Kim, and Foxy Brown, Cardi’s quintuple-platinum single was painted as exceptionally vulgar. This is in stark contrast to male rappers who are never chastised for similar content. Additionally, Cardi’s successes are constantly scrutinized and minimized, making her achievements bittersweet moments. Despite this, she plans to release a second album that embodies her unique style and not conform to traditional rap. To focus on completing the album, Cardi will take a break from interviews after her XXL Magazine Spring 2021 cover. Her hope is to have both her albums charting on the Billboard 200 simultaneously.

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