Cardi B’s Daring Fashion Choice and Sultry Performance with Backup Dancers

In 2020, the popular song WAP by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion received mixed reviews due to its graphic content. Despite facing criticism, Cardi B didn’t let it affect her and came back with a new song called Up, which should not be mistaken for the Disney movie with the same title that was released in 2009.

Pretty in plastic: Cardi B left nothing to the imagination in a plastic see-through look, one of several Sєxy ensembles in the video for her new single Up

In her most recent music video, the 28-year-old Grammy recipient sported a see-through plastic ensemble that left little to the imagination. Along with a slew of other sultry outfits, the video showcased the artist leading a lively underwater soirée alongside her female cohorts.

Freaky fish: Cardi let her not-so-inner freak shine, from the middle of a three-way tongue tangle with her troupe of dancers

The video showcases a famous star portraying the role of a rich widow who lost her husband under suspicious circumstances. The opening shot focuses on her curves and reveals her scantily clad figure in black clothing while standing on a tombstone, wearing designer Christian Louboutin heels. The camera then moves up to show her legs covered in hosiery and her one-piece black outfit embellished with jewels and crosses. The character, played by Belcalis Almánzar, popularly known as Cardi B, sings a lively track while making her way through a cemetery, interrupting a couple’s make-out session, and pursuing her next wealthy target, all while rapping in her signature explicit style. It is evident that she is determined to obtain a significant inheritance and will stop at nothing to accomplish her objective.

Dearly departed: The 28-year-old embodies a wealthy widow, whose husband likely died of mysterious circumstances, as the video opens on her famous curves, scantily-clad in black

The sizzling music video sees the Grammy winner lead a sapphic mermaid orgy

Toy box: She even introduced some battery-operated fun into the mix, as she displayed a pink Vush vibrator with her blinged-out, turquoise-manicured hands

The actress from Hustlers made a stunning appearance recently, channeling the luxurious Rolls-Royce emblem. She donned a beautiful all-white ensemble with a long cape that swayed in the breeze. In the scene, she displayed impressive hand movements on the hood of a big pink car while dazzling dancers moved in the background desert. Cardi B was not alone as she was accompanied by backup singers with Barbie doll heads adorning their hair. Leading a Banjee girl squad through a dance break, the rapper added a pop of color against a graffiti-inspired backdrop. Finally, she completed the look with a baby blue ensemble consisting of high-waisted skintight short shorts and a halter top with a cone bra wrapped in string. This was yet another iconic look from the rapper.

Back in black: She stands in her Christian Louboutins atop a tomb, reading 'RIP 2020', as it pans up her hose-covered legs and a black one-piece, adorned with jewels and crosses

Widow vibes: Cardi launches into the energetic track, as she struts around the cemetery in her provocative funeral look, worthy a hefty inheritance

Moving on: She breaks up a make-out session happening just feet away, as she moves in on her next husband-to-be

She completed her ensemble by putting a scrunchy on her hair and wearing gold hoop earrings, matching bangles, and fashionable sneakers. The team made a pyramid and Cardi, the lead cheerleader, danced at the center. Her entrance was remarkable as she emerged from a huge silver shell dressed in a stunning gold outfit with white hair that resembles Ursula’s. She elegantly posed like Venus on red velvet bedding, surrounded by four other ladies wearing matching gold attire. The slumber party became steamy when things got intense, leading to a passionate make-out session.

Riding sH๏τgun: The Hustlers actress then channels her inner Rolls-Royce hood ornament, donning a plunging white number with a long cape that flows in the wind

Queen of the world: She served some stunning hand choreography on the hood of a big pink ride

Cardi B indulged in a daring threesome, which drew criticism from conservative commentator Ben Shapiro. She also showed off her pink Vush vibrator, decorated with turquoise nail polish, and posed provocatively on a clear table with a nude man while wearing a see-through plastic outfit, exuding a classic pin-up vibe. Accompanied by bottles of Armand de Brignac champagne, she paid homage to TLC by performing seductively in a black leather BDSM suit on an industrial silver set reminiscent of their popular song “No Scrubs.”

Ride share: She had some dazzling dancers steering through a desert scene

Doll face: Cardi also had some support from some backup singers, in the form of Barbie doll heads strewn through her hair

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