“Ageless and Radiant: Jennifer Aniston Celebrates her 51st Birthday with a Sizzling Photo Shoot”

Today marks Jennifer Aniston’s 51st birthday! To commemorate this special occasion, why not take a look at her sultry photo shoot for Interview magazine? The cover story features an interview between the A-list actress and Sandra Bullock. Want to know what Jennifer had to say? Keep reading!

Regarding women supporting women, I believe it’s not a new concept. When I arrived in Los Angeles at 20 years old, I met a group of girls who I still hang out with today. They were on a different path, and it was my first experience with a group of women who talked endlessly about their feelings and cried in front of each other. As a New Yorker, I was taken aback by their openness and thought to myself, “These California people never stop talking.” I felt like an alien in a flowery dress with crystals around my neck while someone burned sage around my head. However, I came to realize that this community of women saved me from the tough and often cruel entertainment industry. It’s not always inclusive or supportive, and I’ve had experiences where girls wouldn’t share anything or try to distract me during auditions.

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