Cardi B Steals the Show at Schiaparelli Paris Couture with a Jaw-dropping Custom Black Gown by Fashion Bomb Couture

Schiaparelli has blown everyone away with their latest collection, which was nothing short of innovative and daring. The Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week witnessed an explosion of bold colors and techniques that paid homage to maximalism. Among the attendees was Cardi B, who made a fashion statement in a stunning custom-made black velvet Schiaparelli strapless gown with gold accents on her bust and a wool statement fringe bolero layered on top.

Cardi B was a standout during the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show as she sat front row next to Tracee Ellis Ross, both admiring the designer’s latest creations. The show was truly a masterpiece, with Daniel Roseberry showcasing his talent through over-the-top silhouettes, accessories galore, and models with unique half-painted faces. Cardi B couldn’t contain her excitement as she expressed her anticipation before the show, and afterwards, she bid farewell to her fans with a playful “see you after the show, my little truffles.” Overall, the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show felt like a glimpse into the future of fashion, thanks to Roseberry’s visionary designs.

During the fashion show, we spotted several outfits designed by Schiaparelli that were paired with unique gold jewelry pieces. Staying in tune with the latest fashion trends, Cardi B complemented her dress with a set of gold bangles on each arm and a pair of dangling earrings that featured pearl accents. These accessories perfectly matched the gold buttons that ran down the back of her gown. To add even more flair to her captivating appearance, she also wore a beautiful velvet head covering.

Kollin Carter, the genius behind some of Cardi B’s most stunning appearances, was spotted alongside the rapper in an all-black ensemble, adorned with a gold Schiaparelli pin, as they left the event. The two make an outstanding combo as they collaborate seamlessly and push boundaries to help Cardi B consistently revamp her look.

Offset was noticeably absent from the Paris Haute Couture Schiaparelli show where his wife, Cardi B, made a grand entrance. The couple had recently gotten into a quarrel due to cheating allegations. A blogger named Tasha K released a video of a woman who claimed to have been Offset’s mistress inside Cardi B’s home. Following this, Offset took to Instagram to accuse Cardi of cheating on him. However, Cardi denied these allegations and expressed her dismay on social media while also criticizing Offset for stooping so low. Despite the trouble in their household, we hope that they are able to work things out. Watch the video of Cardi B’s entrance at the Schiaparelli show below and share your thoughts!

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