Captivating Moments: A Dozen Breathtaking Photographs of Majestic Maine Coon Felines

Most of us know the commonly known big cats like tigers, lions and cheetahs, but have you ever heard of large domestic cats? Meet the Maine Coon cats. These furry creatures have many similarities with regular house cats, except for their enormous size. Browse through the images provided below and if you’re looking for more cute animal photos, take a look at some adorable animal friendships. Written by nightqueen.

Have you ever laid your eyes on a Maine Coon feline? They are massive in size and could tip the scales at a whopping 42 pounds. Yet, their cuteness and fluffiness leave us smitten, and we wouldn’t mind having one snuggling on our lap while we unwind on the sofa. The picture of this charming creature was discovered on The Chive site.

The Maine Coon is a type of cat that sports ears resembling those of tigers, and boasts impressively large paws as another defining characteristic.

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Cat Time suggests that there are five unique feline personality types that pet parents should take note of.

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