“Yeehaw! Cardi B’s Little Cowgirl: Mom Styles Daughter’s Latest Western-Inspired Outfit”

Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture Kiari, is staying stylish while quarantining! The rapper recently posted a picture of the 22-month-old dressed like a cowgirl. She thanked her auntie, Hennessy Carolina, for providing the boots and Jennifer Le for the fur. Kulture wore an all-denim outfit with a pink cowgirl hat and floral-print boots to complete her look. Cardi B captioned the post by mentioning that she was the stylist behind the outfit. The proud mom couldn’t help but share her daughter’s adorable picture with her fans.

kulture kiri rocks cowgirl outfit

Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture, showed off her cowgirl-inspired outfit recently, and it’s not the first time she’s displayed her fashion sense on social media. Her father, Offset, filmed a playful moment between him and Kulture, where he asked her to show off her “drip” – referring to her blinged-out bracelets and stacked chains, as well as her colorful diamond necklace with her name on it. Kulture’s accessories were stacked on top of a Versace t-shirt, proving that she’s already a little fashionista.

cardi b, daughter

The daughter of popular rapper Cardi B frequently flaunts her fashion sense on her mother’s social media accounts. Her wardrobe is diverse, ranging from adorable tracksuits to Gucci dresses. Even when there’s nowhere to go or they’re traveling via private jet, Cardi B loves dressing up her little girl. Kulture also knows how to keep her clothes clean while working in the kitchen. In a video featuring Kulture and her aunts, she wears a cute bib over her clothes while decorating cookies. Cardi B jokes in the background that she’ll take a nap until the next day while her daughter has fun making cookies. It will be exciting to see what other fashionable outfits this mini style icon showcases in the future.

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