“Wrestler Dave Bautista Gives Abused Pit Bull Puppy a New Home After Finding Him Scavenging in a Graveyard”

A 3-month-old pit bull puppy named Sage, who had a difficult beginning in life, was taken care of by actor Dave Bautista after being adopted. Bautista, who has a fondness for pit bulls, immediately contacted the shelter when he heard about Sage’s situation. Sage was discovered scavenging for food in a cemetery by a Good Samaritan who then took her to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay (HSTB). Sage is now receiving all the care she needs and will never have to worry about anything again.

As the adorable puppy approached the woman, she noticed a metal chain around its neck. Alarmed by this, she immediately took the puppy to the HSTB for help. The medical team at the shelter examined Sage and found that she needed surgery to remove the chain, which was causing her discomfort. While getting checked up, Sage remained cheerful, wagging her tail throughout the process. However, upon further inspection, it was discovered that Sage had other health issues like skin problems and overgrown nails. It was saddening to think that someone could do this to such a sweet pup, leaving everyone at the shelter speechless.

As the adorable little dog approached the kind woman, she noticed that the poor pup had a metal chain wrapped tightly around her neck. With a sense of urgency and concern for the puppy’s well-being, the woman brought her to the HSTB for some much-needed assistance. The medical staff at the shelter immediately began inspecting the dog, who was wagging her tail happily despite her situation. They determined that Sage needed surgery to remove the chain from around her neck. In addition to the chain, they also noticed that Sage had enlarged nails and skin problems. The staff at the shelter were left feeling shocked and saddened by the mistreatment of such a sweet little dog. It’s unfathomable to think that anyone could do this to an innocent animal.

Numerous individuals, including David Bautista, volunteered to foster or adopt the cute puppy once she recuperated. David was outraged by the despicable treatment of the vulnerable animal and pledged to give $5,000 in cash to anyone who provided leads that led to the perpetrator’s arrest and conviction. This added incentive is supplementary to the $5,000 offered by Alvarez Injury Law and the $1,500 given by HSTB towards identifying the heartless person responsible for the abuse.

David’s tough exterior melted as he caught sight of the puppy running towards him. With a broad grin on his face and a chuckle in his heart, he welcomed the Sage into his life. Instantly, they became the best of friends, and David tenderly petted the pup’s head. However, David is not the only one who’s over the moon with his new furry family member. Whenever Sage is in his loving arms, she radiates with pure joy.

Sage has found her forever home, and the shelter couldn’t be happier to share the fantastic news with their supporters on social media.

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