Where Cardi B Found Inspiration for Her Unique Green Manicure

As a true fashion enthusiast, Cardi B understands that each outfit presents a chance to showcase her unique style. And for her latest collaboration with Knorr, a brand that helps her stay connected to her roots, the rapper took an unexpected approach. Known for its bouillon cubes and spice blends, Knorr partnered with Cardi B to launch the Knorr Taste Combo. To commemorate the occasion, she opted for a bold look featuring metallic green hair extensions and a manicure that paid homage to the brand’s signature packaging.

According to the Dominican-born musician, she becomes a genuine collaborator when working with brands. Her recent all-green ensemble was influenced by Knorr, and she took special care to ensure that her nails were also green. She emphasized the importance of maintaining her nail game, stating that she never takes it lightly.

Despite her flashy music and style, the rapper has recently revealed that she loves to cook for her children at home. She has shared some exciting news about her latest partnership with people in spanish, providing further details on her collaboration with KnorrĀ®. Knorr has been a staple in her family for many years, and she has fond memories of using it to prepare delicious meals for big family events. Now that she has her own family, Knorr remains a go-to ingredient in her kitchen. Eating at home brings her family together, and as a mother, she loves that. With Knorr’s help, she has created a menu of tasty, nutritious, and affordable dishes called “Knorr Taste Combos.” Her own signature dish features juicy chicken, Knorr chicken broth, and fresh vegetables. You can find the recipe on KnorrTasteCombos.com, and it only takes 30 minutes to make and costs $4 per serving. The rapper also incorporates her Dominican culture into her family’s life and diet by ensuring her children are close to their grandparents, society, and Dominican culture. She listens to Spanish music with them and speaks Spanish with her family. She learned how to cook typical Dominican food from her grandmother, and rice and beans are her family’s favorite dish.

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