When Wonder Woman Meets Comedy: Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon Share a Hilarious SNL Kiss

During her appearance on Saturday Night Live, Gal Gadot participated in a humorous skit that parodied her iconic role as Wonder Woman. In the skit, Gadot shared a kiss with comedian Kate McKinnon, who played one of two lesbian characters that arrived at Themyscira, an island exclusively populated by stunning women. The comedic scene mirrored Gadot’s famous smooch with co-star Chris Pine in the Wonder Woman film.

Over the weekend, there was a sketch on Saturday Night Live that poked fun at a superhero movie, starring Gal Gadot and Kate McKinnon. The sketch included a kiss between the two actresses, suggesting a romantic connection. However, it was revealed later that both women do not identify as lesbian. Aidy Bryant and Kate were disappointed when they heard the news. In an attempt to make things right, Gal proposed to kiss one of them to see if there was any chemistry.

In the opening scene of the skit, Aidy Bryant and Kate, who both self-identify as members of the lesbian community, journeyed towards the mythical Themyscira Island.

Initially, the women couldn’t contain their excitement as they reached the region that was solely occupied by their gender. Their faces lit up with delight as they stepped onto the soil.

Kate and Aidy were feeling disappointed and down, and they started talking about their emotions. Aidy shared that she was struggling to handle the emotional turmoil, and Kate agreed with her. They both felt like they were being used as guinea pigs by Gal to conduct experiments unless she tried them herself. Kate even offered to volunteer, but Gal’s kiss didn’t generate any feelings, leaving everyone feeling disappointed. As a result, Aidy and Kate made the decision to leave the island and move on to Lesbos for their next adventure.

In an attempt to console the women, Gal expressed her empathy and openness to comprehend their sentiments. To lighten up the mood, she even made a witty suggestion of giving one of them a peck on the cheek in jest to truly fathom their emotions.

Gal expressed regret and confessed to Kate that the kiss they shared did not elicit any emotions from her.

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