“When Fate Turns Kind: How a Homeless Cat’s Life Changed After Being Left Outside a Shelter with a Touching Note”

Early one Sunday morning, Ruth Rickard who is the assistant manager of Gables Farm Dogs and Cats Home, was getting ready to open the facility. While doing so, she noticed a carrier that held a cat outside the shelter. She recognized it right away.

The unfortunate feline was huddled inside the crate without any cozy bedding or amenities. The carrier was damp and cold, and a towel was placed on top of it, suggesting that the cat had been left there for hours, if not more. Rickard shared with The Dodo that upon discovering the cat, she appeared scared, shivering, and significantly undersized.

Attached to the cat’s carrier was a note from its previous owner. The letter revealed that the feline had been suffering from chronic diarrhea and refused to use a litter box. The owner, feeling unsure of how to care for the sick cat, abandoned it outside the shelter.

Without delay, Rickard took the cat indoors for a check-up, and the shelter workers gave her the moniker Dusty Bin. Initially, Dusty was petrified and only sought refuge from anyone as she tried to acclimate herself to her unfamiliar surroundings. She was alarmingly weak and underweight, which was not typical for a cat of her age.

After the woman arrived at the shelter, it became apparent that her health was not as poor as her previous owner had believed. The shelter manager, Rickard, shared that the woman’s letter stated she suffered from chronic diarrhea and refused to use a litter box. However, the woman is showing no signs of these issues, using the litter box appropriately, eating well, and receiving care from the shelter’s non-euthanasia program.

The shelter team will conduct more tests to confirm Dusty’s overall well-being. However, they are positive that she will be all set to find her forever home within two to three weeks. Unfortunately, the staff is still trying to locate Dusty’s previous owner who abandoned her instead of taking her in.

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