When A Dragon Met A Cat: The Unlikely Friendship That Blossomed

Meet Charles, the female bearded dragon, and her best friend Baby the cat – a true testament to the power of unlikely friendships. Despite the potential for harm, Baby chooses to protect Charles by cuddling with her instead. In return, Charles comforts Baby during thunderstorms with gentle hugs. They also enjoy playing outside and guarding their home together, although Charles has been known to be a bit territorial and once stole Baby’s bed. Their owner initially worried that the cat would attack Charles, but they have proven that friendship can overcome any odds. You can follow their adventures on Instagram.


The only thing they seem to do is embrace each other tightly!


Let’s protect the house as a team!


When thunder strikes, Charles is always there to comfort his feline friend.


Charles soothes his fluffy pet by giving him a gentle embrace.


Even though Charles was susceptible to injury by the cat…


The infant chooses to ensure her protection and comfort by embracing her Toothless toy instead.


Their lunchtime gatherings are simply incredible!


This unstoppable pair demonstrates that genuine companionship can thrive despite any obstacles.


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