We Spotted You: A Pawsome Party Experience

To celebrate his third birthday (equivalent to 21 in dog years), Sir Meatball had a fabulous party where he was the center of attention. Adorned only with a festive hat, he enjoyed the company of other nude canine guests as they frolicked in a plastic pool. Sir Meatball, an English bulldog, is no ordinary pup. Owned by Mary Lauren and Michael Stewart, he is a social media sensation with over 15,000 followers on Instagram.

According to Mary Lauren, Sir Meatball’s popularity began during her last year of law school when she started dressing him up for fun photoshoots. His willingness to pose in various outfits and even wigs led to his online fame. So, when it came time to celebrate his special day, Sir Meatball partied in style with his furry friends at Loflin Yard on June 27th.

Michael and Mary Lauren Stewart are known for throwing an annual bash in honor of their beloved pup Sir Meatball, whom they acquired from a breeder in Bolivar, Tennessee. This year, the gathering saw a turnout of around 30 furry attendees, as the Stewarts decided to open up their backyard to allow dogs to roam off-leash. What started as a small get-together with friends and their canine companions has now become a widely anticipated event for any and all dog lovers in the neighborhood.

Sir Meatball’s birthday bash. (Photo courtesy of Michael Donahue)

The celebration for Sir Meatball’s birthday bash was a hit, as captured by Michael Donahue’s lens.

The birthday celebration of Mr. Meatball. (Photo courtesy of Michael Donahue)

Photograph by Michael Donahue capturing the birthday celebration of Sir Meatball.

To celebrate Sir Meatball’s birthday, they had a special party with dog birthday cakes on the table. The cakes were from Hollywood Feed Fresh Bakery in Memphis, and they were able to customize them based on their ideas. One of the cakes was even shaped like a beer mug because it was Sir Meatball’s third birthday, which is equivalent to 21 in dog years. Along with the cakes, they also served dog beer, including brands like Busch dog beer and Good Boy dog beer made from bone broths but designed to resemble real beer.

Sir Meatball enjoyed a luxurious feast, complete with various activities for the dogs to enjoy such as playing with tennis balls, kiddie pools, and bubbles from a bubble machine. (Photo credit: Michael Donahue)

The celebration for Sir Meatball’s birthday bash was a hit, as documented by Michael Donahue through his camera lens.

Sir Meatball recently celebrated his birthday with a fun party thrown by his owners, the Stewarts. The guest of honor was joined by his younger English bulldog sibling, Milkshake, who had his own birthday bash at Loflin Yard last December. Milkshake, known for his playful and energetic nature, had a wild child-themed party in his honor.

Despite a few troublemakers causing a bit of chaos, the party was mostly a friendly and enjoyable event. The two bulldogs love to play and cuddle together, often getting into mischief that their owners enjoy sharing on Instagram. It was a celebration filled with cute antics and furry fun for all attendees.

To celebrate Sir Meatball’s birthday, he and Milkshake had a fun sleepover at The Peabody hotel, where they bunked with the Stewarts for the night.

Kicking back at The Peabody Hotel. (Photo courtesy of Mary Lauren Stewart)

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