Unveiling Witherspoon’s Juicy Inside Scoop on Pal Aniston

It appears that the bond between Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston may be even more robust than we previously believed.

At the Women in Hollywood gathering organized by Elle magazine on Monday, Witherspoon shared some flattering words about Aniston. She revealed that spending time with Aniston gives off a comfortable and friendly vibe, making it seem like you’re chilling with a pal. Additionally, being around her also creates a sense of closeness, making one feel drawn towards wanting to get closer to her.

The individual who is famous for playing Johnny Cash in the film “Walk the Line” humorously confirmed that he does indulge in such activities. He mentioned this fact with a light-hearted tone and added that it’s something he enjoys doing on Saturdays.

Aniston was honored at the 18th annual ceremony held at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, along with other notable names like Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer, Naomi Watts, and DreamWorks executive Stacey Snider. The event was graced by Barbra Streisand, Elizabeth Olsen, Evan Rachel Wood, and Freida Pinto, among others.

Witherspoon jokingly mentioned how she spends her Saturdays with Aniston, which involves getting their nails done and sharing kisses. She clarified that their closeness is due to their friendship with each other, rather than with anyone else.

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