Unleashed Pitbull Runs Towards Terrified Child: The Startling Truth Uncovered by Owner

Pit bulls have earned a reputation as one of the most misunderstood dog breeds worldwide, often unfairly associated with violence and aggression. However, like any other breed, a pit bull’s behavior is ultimately shaped by how they are raised and treated by their owners. Just as children need good parenting, dogs require proper care and training.

While pit bulls may be larger and stronger than some dogs, they are capable of being gentle and loving animals if given the opportunity. It is important not to judge these dogs based solely on their appearance. Many pit bulls are affectionate and loyal companions.

Hurley is a prime example of a pit bull who defies stereotypes. This brave and intelligent dog went above and beyond to protect a young boy from a snake, showcasing his caring nature. Stacie Rae English, Hurley’s owner’s sister, was so touched by the incident that she shared the story on Facebook to spread awareness of the positive traits of pit bulls.

On LoveWhatMatters Facebook page, a heartwarming story was shared about a heroic pit bull lab mix named Hurley. The dog was out for a late-night stroll with his owner when they heard a scream. Without hesitation, Hurley bolted towards the source of the noise, only to find a young child in distress. Hurley swiftly grabbed a dangerous copperhead snake, saving the child from harm by disposing of the reptile.
Although the child’s family hurriedly left the scene, possibly to seek medical attention for a snakebite, the dog’s owner contacted animal control and the local authorities to ensure everything was under control. It’s moments like these that remind us of the extraordinary bond between humans and their loyal animal companions.

Stacie Rae mentions that Hurley was examined to determine if he was bitten. To their surprise, he was bleeding, with a swollen neck and foaming at the mouth. They discovered two puncture wounds on his upper lip. Shelby quickly took Hurley to Denton Animal Emergency Hospital, where he stayed overnight for continuous monitoring of his blood clotting ability.

Look at this post on LoveWhatMatters Facebook page! It shows that not all pit bulls are bad. It’s clear that, in certain circumstances, these dogs are capable of being loving and gentle.

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