Uncovering the Truth: Dispelling Dating Rumors Surrounding Selena Gomez’s Relationship with Young Companion Caleb Stevens

Selena Gomez has always cherished her tight-knit circle of friends, particularly since the unexpected news of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber’s engagement to Hailey Baldwin. In an effort to keep her inner circle close and strong, Selena has recently sparked rumors of a potential new love interest in Caleb Stevens, the younger brother of her good friend Raquelle, who happens to be a well-known social influencer. Photographs taken of the 25-year-old singer as she was leaving a cabin in upstate New York showed her dressed casually in sweatpants and a t-shirt, accompanied by her faithful teenage companion.

Just friends: Selena Gomez, shown on Thursday in upstate New York, has struck up quite an interest in Caleb Stevens, the younger brother of her social influencer pal Raquelle

Laid-back Pals: Selena Gomez, who was recently spotted in upstate New York, seems to have developed a genuine fondness for Caleb Stevens, the younger brother of her good friend and popular social media influencer, Raquelle. Selena appeared completely at ease in an oversized shirt featuring a visually stunning design on the front. To complete her casual ensemble, she chose to wear her latest fashion must-have — a pair of trendy black sweatpants from n:PHILANTHROPY, effortlessly styled with the waist ties hanging loosely around her hips. While enjoying a refreshing beverage, the talented popstar effortlessly carried a cozy shearling coat draped over her arm.

Casual: The 25-year-old songstress was spotted wearing sweats and a T-shirt as she left an upstate New York cabin with her trusty sidekick

Casually dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt, the 25-year-old songstress was spotted departing a cabin located in upstate New York alongside her faithful sidekick.

Comfortable: Caleb left the compound wearing a pair of black athletic shorts and a slouchy grey T-shirt

Comfy: Caleb casually walked out of the building wearing black athletic shorts and a relaxed, grey T-shirt that perfectly matched the vertical stripe running down his leg. To subtly show his support for Puma, Caleb rocked a pair of their crew length socks and white shoes. Dismissing any rumors, an insider confirmed to People magazine that Caleb and his female friend are purely platonic, emphasizing that they are just close pals and not romantically involved.

Fan? Selena looked cozy wearing an over-sized shirt with a graphic image across the front

Do you consider yourself a fanatic? Selena looked at ease wearing a spacious shirt, embellished with a striking graphic on the shirt’s forefront.

Adventure awaits: While Caleb hopped in the back of the car, Selena opted to ride shotgun

Cozy: The Hands To Myself popstar carried a heavy sheerling coat across one arm while sipping on a refreshing beverage.

Get Ready for an Unforgettable Adventure: With excitement bubbling over, Caleb hopped into the backseat of the car, ready for what lay ahead. Meanwhile, Selena opted for the front passenger seat, enjoying the view as they embarked on their journey.
It was in the lively month of May when Caleb and Selena were spotted leaving a popular music venue together. To the delight of her fans, Selena had made a surprise appearance at a Taylor Swift concert, adding to the unforgettable experience.
This young teenager, who recently completed his education at Loyola High School in Los Angeles, holds a special connection to Selena as he is the younger brother of Raquelle Stevens. Raquelle is not only a dear friend of Selena but also a well-known social media influencer, whose presence online has garnered a significant following.
Recently, Raquelle treated her followers to a series of captivating pictures from a memorable vacation she took with the talented singer. These snapshots coincided with the headlines about Justin Bieber’s proposal to his new flame, Hailey Baldwin, adding an extra layer of excitement to the mix.

Walk it out: She donned her new signature pair of black n:PHILANTHROPY sweatpants with the waist ties worn unhinged across her hips

Casually Striding: With self-assurance, she effortlessly showcased her unique flair by donning a pair of black n:PHILANTHROPY sweatpants, deliberately allowing the waist drawstrings to dangle nonchalantly on her hips.

'Best week': Raquelle recently shared snaps of a whirlwind vacation with the singer, amid news that her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber proposed to new girlfriend Hailey Baldwin; seen together on Instagram

‘Unforgettable Escape’: Raquelle recently shared stunning snapshots from an extraordinary vacation she experienced alongside the musician, all while the online world was abuzz with news of her ex-partner Justin Bieber’s engagement to the charming Hailey Baldwin.

Family: The recent high school graduate is the younger brother of Selena’s gal pal, social media influencer Raquelle Steven; seen on Instagram

The recent college admissions scandal involved Raquelle Steven’s younger brother, who is a close friend of Selena on the social media platform Instagram. Justin and Selena began dating in 2010 before officially appearing together on the red carpet at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party the following year, but there were rumors that they broke up at the end of 2012. Over the years, they have had on-again, off-again relationships, and finally, the couple officially ended their love story earlier this year. Baldwin and Bieber were rumored to be dating before his Purpose world tour began in 2016, and recently they reunited for Justin Bieber to propose to Hailey during a vacation in the Bahamas last week, calling her the love of his life.

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