“Très Chic! Jennifer Aniston Gives a Modern Twist to ‘The Rachel’ Hairstyle During her Paris Getaway”

Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles always attract a lot of attention whenever she changes them up. Her latest hairstyle that has been generating buzz is the Y2K extensions that were sleek and straight. Recently, during the photocall for Murder Mystery 2, she sported ‘The Rachel’ hairstyle that defined the 90s and added a Parisian twist to the iconic look. Unlike the original choppy and shaggy layers, Jennifer opted for long layers that started at her jawline and continued past her shoulders.

Jennifer Aniston brille devant la Tour Eiffel - Télé Loisirs

Aniston’s hair color was a flawless match for her beaded oat-gold Celine dress, with the baby blonde highlights giving her a charming French-girl vibe. The slip-inspired silhouette and natural part further enhanced the effortless appearance. Her sun-kissed skin tone was complemented by a peachy hue on her lips and cheeks, adding warmth to the cool look. While beauty trends come and go, some styles remain timeless and iconic.

Jennifer Aniston brille devant la Tour Eiffel - Télé Loisirs

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