The Transformation of a Rescued Pitbull: From Stray to Smiling Companion

There are few dog breeds as polarizing as Pit Bulls. However, regardless of your opinion on them, it’s hard not to be charmed by Brinks the Pit Bull. Just look at that smile!

One sunny afternoon in Brooklyn, a stray Pitbull was roaming the streets when he crossed paths with a man named Jon and his loyal dog Demo. Instantly, the trio formed a strong bond and connected with each other.

Jon made the decision to care for Brinks temporarily as he searched for the dog’s owner, but after a month of searching through missing dog reports and putting up flyers with no luck, he accepted that Brinks had become a permanent member of his family.

Brinks was just a puppy of 11 months back then, but even after nearly 12 years, he still has that infectious smile on his face! With a whopping 21k Instagram followers, it’s clear that his charm continues to captivate audiences.

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