The Tale of Patches: A Heartwarming Story of a Virginia Shelter’s Quest to Find the Perfect Home for an Adorably Gluttonous Feline

In this heartwarming story, the meaning of “fat cat” takes on a completely new interpretation. Patches, who weighs an impressive 40.3 pounds, stole Kay Ford’s heart from the moment she saw him. The story started when Kay’s daughter forwarded her a witty Facebook post from a local shelter, Richmond Animal Care and Control, seeking someone to adopt the supersized feline. The post humorously asked if anyone was up for taking in the largest cat in history. Thus, a beautiful friendship between Kay and Patches was born.

Meet Patches, the lovable feline that has captured the hearts of social media users worldwide. Kay Ford stumbled upon a post from a local shelter seeking assistance in helping an overweight cat shed some pounds. This was her chance to make a difference. Patches, who had initially weighed a staggering 42 pounds when surrendered by his previous owners, was put on a strict diet and exercise regimen with the goal of achieving a healthy weight. Despite his size, Patches is known for his affectionate and gentle demeanor, as noted by Savannah Hughes, the Adoption and Intake Coordinator at the shelter. Following the posting of his picture on Facebook, there were many inquiries about adopting Patches. However, Ford was ultimately selected due to her experience as a pet owner and willingness to aid Patches in his weight loss journey.

Kay Ford happily opened her arms to Patches, a hefty 6-year-old cat that had been staying at RACC for two weeks. The feline weighed in at an impressive 40.3 pounds. Upon arrival at his new home, Patches was introduced to his new siblings, Bella and Wellesley. Bella, the 13-year-old Yorkie, didn’t seem to mind his presence at all. However, Wellesley, the 2-year-old cat who looks remarkably like Patches, is taking a bit longer to adjust. Nonetheless, Ford remains optimistic that the two will eventually become close pals as Wellesley seems to adore his “mama.”

Kay Ford is determined to assist Patches in losing weight, despite the daunting task ahead. Patches’ previous owners had overindulged him with too many treats, leading to his significant weight gain. Luckily, Patches had been under the supervision of a vet before, and his medical records will be shared with his new healthcare provider. Convincing Patches to exercise will not be simple, but taking small steps towards it can make a difference. Although Patches has the ability to walk, he prefers to take it easy and needs a little push to get him moving. Shockingly, Patches does not have a huge appetite, and Kay is presently ensuring that he eats on a regular basis.

Once Patches got comfortable in his new abode, he was poised to embark on a thrilling journey. Kay Ford created a Facebook page to document his transformation and escapades, which has already amassed a staggering 5,000 followers within a week. Her top priority is to aid Patches in achieving his weight loss goals, while also remaining excited about the prospect of all that’s yet to come. Although Patches appears to be a tad apprehensive, Kay is optimistic that once he sheds the extra pounds, a vibrant and energetic persona will surface.

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