The Gigantic Cat: A Fascinating Feline Who Towers Over a Nine-Year-Old

Natalie Bowman holding her giant cat, Finn

Meet Natalie, the proud owner of a colossal Maine Coon cat named Finn. With a length of 1.3 meters, Finn is as tall as an average nine-year-old child, often causing people to mistake him for a dog. As he weighs a whopping 10kg, Finn requires ample care and attention from his doting owner. However, despite his impressive size, Natalie assures that Finn is a friendly and inquisitive feline, who relishes cuddles and affection. By taking Finn out on walks using a leash, Natalie has transformed him into a local sensation, with many left awestruck after realizing he is a cat. Although taking care of Finn can be financially draining, Natalie believes it is worth every penny as he brings her so much joy and entertainment.

Natalie Bowman holding her giant cat, Finn

Natalie’s pet cat has a tendency to get very big and experience separation anxiety, which can lead to some interesting reactions from visitors. Many people are surprised by the cat’s size and appearance, often mistaking it for a wildcat or bobcat. Natalie lives in California.

Finn the Maine Coon cat

People often feel intimidated by Finn’s looks, as captured in Natalie Bowman’s photo. But, in spite of his size, Finn is a gentle cat who gets along famously with Natalie’s other feline friend. Natalie admits that it took some time for the two cats to warm up to each other, but now they’re inseparable and the best of pals.

Natalie Bowman holding her giant cat, Finn

This cute companion deserves utmost care and affection. As per his guardian, he tends to get anxious when left alone, so he prefers being in the company of humans. He’s so friendly that he even accompanies his owner to work. Additionally, he’s a chatty one and has a distinctive loud meow.

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