Sydney Sweeney Stuns in Vintage Angelina Jolie Dress: A Blast from the Past

Sydney Swenee, a 26-year-old actress, turned heads at the 2024 Oscar after-party by wearing a dress previously worn by Angelina Jolie in 2004. Swenee posed for the camera while attending the annual post-Oscars party hosted by Vanity Fair magazine on the night of March 10. She received praise for looking attractive in a deep-cut silk dress designed by Marc Bouwer, which showcased her full bust and bare back. What surprised the public was that this outfit mirrored the one worn by Angelina Jolie on the Oscars red carpet 20 years ago.

“Sydney wearing Marc Bouwer’s archive piece – first worn by Angelina Jolie to the 2004 Oscars. Thank you so much Marc and Paul Margolin for letting us into your archive for this special occasion,” stylist Molly Dickinson wrote on Instagram.

Sydney Swinney seen at the post-Oscar party in 2024 on the night of March 10. Photo credit: AFP.

Angelina Jolie gracing the red carpet at the 2004 Academy Awards, as captured by photographer Steve Granitz. Speaking to Vogue magazine, the female stylist further disclosed that when she showed pictures of Angelina that year in Sydney, the stunning beauty exclaimed: “Oh my God, we need to get that dress.”

Molly Dickison also highlighted the importance of preserving the integrity of the Marc Bouwer design: “It has been kept in storage for two decades and cannot be altered. It has a few extra inches of length.” for Sydney, so we sought out the highest platform shoes for support.”

Sydney Sweeney not only rocked that exact dress, but she also aimed to channel Angelina Jolie’s entire style. The female stylist requested the Messika brand to design a necklace similar to the three-layer diamond necklace of the film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” As a result, Sydney adorned her look with white gold jewelry studded with 64 carats of diamonds, including two diamonds weighing 17.04 and 18.88 carats respectively.

Born in 1997 in Washington (USA), Sydney Sweeney comes from a family where her mother is a lawyer and her father works in the medical field. From a young age, she was passionate about acting and landed her first roles at the age of 12. Sydney’s career is linked to a sexy image on screen, making waves thanks to her roles as a schoolgirl in “Euphoria” and in movies such as “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “The Voyeurs.” Besides her love for acting, the beauty once practiced martial arts, combining years of MMA and high school wrestling competition.

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