Survival Story: Bulldog Pup Eats Leaves Under the Care of a Mysterious Owner

We should always value the lives of our furry companions. It’s heartbreaking to see how some people treat dogs as if they were easily replaceable. Sadly, we often hear about dogs being abandoned on the streets to fend for themselves.

One particular dog was in a very critical condition. She was on the brink of death, surviving solely on leaves as her body slowly deteriorated. Her mange was so advanced that she had almost no fur left on her body.

From the Paws 4 Hope video footage, we see the rescuers lifting the poor dog and taking her to the vet. They decided to call her ‘Pumpkin’. Pumpkin appeared to be downcast and didn’t show much excitement about being saved. It was clear that the trauma she had experienced had deeply affected her. Now the question remained – could her new caregivers heal both her physical and emotional wounds?

According to information from Paws 4 Hope on YouTube, Pumpkin was diagnosed with a serious case of mange that had caused a severe infection in her skin. Her temperature was so low that it couldn’t even be read on the thermometer, indicating how close she was to death. The veterinarian stated that she wouldn’t have lasted another day out in the condition she was found in. It truly was a miracle that she was rescued in time. In order to help her recover, Pumpkin was given IV fluids, antibiotics, and pain medication. Additionally, warm saline was administered through her IV to raise her body temperature.

On a brighter note, Pumpkin took a turn for the worse and developed a high fever. After a visit to the vet, it was confirmed that she had the flu, but thankfully, she was expected to recover.

As Pumpkin’s health improved, the vet was able to treat her skin condition and remove her dead scales, revealing a new and healthier appearance. Her caretakers noticed a positive change in her demeanor as she began to eat more and even attempted to stand on her own. The next step for Pumpkin was surgery to correct her cherry eyes, and she handled it like a champ!

Kennedy absolutely loves her new family and enjoys playing with her favorite ball. She is over the moon to have a furry sibling to hang out with as well!

Life is truly amazing right now. The tiny dog who was on the brink of death is now thriving and living her happiest days, thanks to the relentless determination of her rescuers who never gave up on her.

Source: Paws 4 Hope/Youtube
Wishing you all the happiness in the world, Kennedy. You truly deserve it! Keep scrolling and hit play on the video to witness Kennedy’s incredible journey from rescue to transformation.
And remember to spread the word so more people can appreciate the impact of animal rescue and adoption. There are countless deserving animals out there waiting for loving homes!

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