Stunning in Scarlet: Angelina Jolie’s Ravishing Red Dress

Guess who is embracing the Christmas spirit and showing it off for all to see? None other than Angelina Jolie! She recently accompanied her partner, Brad Pitt, to a movie premiere in Japan. The red carpet for Pitt’s film Moneyball has never looked so vibrant and dazzling, thanks to Angelina’s presence. She looked absolutely stunning, donning a simple red dress that perfectly complemented her favorite pair of beige patent pumps. To add an extra touch of glamour, she sported bold red lips and nails.

What caught my attention the most about Angelina this time (aside from her captivating smile, of course) was her slightly fuller figure. She seems to have gained a few pounds, which is definitely a welcome change. Gone are the days when she appeared excessively thin and almost frightful. It’s refreshing to see her looking healthier and more radiant. Wouldn’t you agree?

Angelina Jolie looking better in red dress with Brad Pitt

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