“Stray Kitten Finds a Home in Shelter and Steals Hearts with Her Endearing Greetings, Proving Some Habits Never Fade Away”

A solitary kitten was taken to a shelter and began to greet everyone it met. Even after several months, this behavior persists unchanged.

tiny cuddly kitten

The story of CB the kitten begins over two months ago when she was brought to ACCT Philly as a single kitten. Despite her small size, CB’s love for people and cuddles made her stand out to staff and volunteers at the shelter. After recognizing that CB needed constant attention, the search for a foster volunteer began. Fortunately, Erica Whitsell, a vet tech, came forward to offer her help. However, the first night was challenging as CB refused to eat from a bottle, making it exhausting and lengthy.

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Erica, who goes by the handle @phillykittylady_fosters, shared how she had to feed the kitten through a tube and even gave her an enema to alleviate her swollen tummy. Despite the challenges, Erica tirelessly attended to the tiny feline’s needs and was ecstatic to see CB’s condition improve the following day after a sleepless night of nursing.

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Erica at phillykittylady_fosters was overjoyed to see the kitten perk up and eagerly latch onto her bottle like a champ. The little one quickly got the hang of drinking milk and became quite the efficient milk-drinking machine. Erica couldn’t help but share how much she loved being held and how easy she was to take care of. As she grew stronger, CB began using her legs more and improving her coordination with each passing day.

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As she matured, CB’s hunger intensified according to Erica @phillykittylady_fosters. With each passing day, her meows got louder and more demanding, matching her growth spurt. If the bottle wasn’t provided quickly enough, she would gently nip Erica’s hand. During the following 14 days, CB became skilled at using the litter box and started to adapt to solid food. Gradually, she moved away from relying solely on her trusty bottle.

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When Erica arrives home, Forest and Phoebe, her resident cats, assist her by cleaning food residue off her face and cuddling with the kitten. The kitten happily greets Erica with a symphony of purrs and meows, always seeking affection from whoever is willing to give it.

sweet kitten big eyes

Erica, who goes by the username @phillykittylady_fosters, had to move and couldn’t take CB with her. So, CB was given to a new foster family under the care of Paws (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society). CB adapted quickly and comfortably to her new surroundings, snuggling up in a cozy blanket fort with her own plushie to guard her. The next morning, CB’s new foster mom was greeted with sweet and affectionate meows.

kitten morning greetings

CB, the adorable kitten, warmly greets her foster mother in the morning with eyes full of curiosity and innocence. As per CB’s foster mom, she is a friendly and playful kitty who loves nothing more than spending time with her human and curling up in their lap.

sweet kitten cuddly

CB the Kitty is a hugger extraordinaire, according to her adoring owner. Whenever she walks through the door, CB is always the first to run up for a warm welcome. Despite her playful nature, CB loves nothing more than snuggling up with her human companions. At three months old, CB is now looking for a loving forever home where she can continue to spread joy and affection.

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@cbthekitty loves spending her time socializing with other feline friends in the home, keeping a close watch on her foster parent, and indulging in delicious food all day long. This adorable kitty is petite in size but boasts big, beautiful eyes framed by permanent eyeliner. She’s always eager to please and will go to great lengths for a tasty treat or a bowl of wet food.

kitten big eyes

Every day, CB the kitty greets her humans with a gentle nudge against their legs and a calming purr. It’s the sweetest way to be welcomed home.

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