“Skipping solid foods for 16 hours a day: The unusual diet of Jennifer Aniston”

Jennifer Aniston, a well-known American actress admired for her glowing looks and slim figure, has revealed details about her strict dietary and wellness regimen. The 50-year-old former Friends star adheres to an eating pattern that includes an 8-hour window for consuming solid foods, followed by 16 hours of fasting. She typically wakes up at 9 am and breaks her fast with a glass of celery juice, before heading to the gym and practicing meditation. Jennifer credits this routine for her impressive physique. In an interview with Radio Times, she shared that she practices intermittent fasting, which means she does not eat any food in the morning.

She expressed that going without solid food for 16 hours had a significant impact on her. According to the article, she is an avid gym-goer and feels “beautiful” after completing a great workout. She takes pride in taking care of her body and experiences an endorphin rush during exercise. However, she also believes it is crucial to have rest days, despite aiming to hit the gym for at least 20 minutes most days.

Jennifer has given a hint that she is collaborating with her Friends co-stars on a new project. However, she has firmly denied that this upcoming venture is a reboot of the famous American sitcom.

Jennifer kept things secret when she sat next to musician Charlie Puth on the sofa, revealing that she and her celebrity colleagues are eager to work together on a project of some kind, but they aren’t sure what it will be. Ellen asked if it would be like a reboot of their show.

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