“Shakira’s Parking Predicament: A Music Icon’s Race to the Studio Leaves Pique with Parking Duty”

What do you call that? Shakira arrived in a hurry to the recording studio and parked her Audi Q8 on the corner of the street

What’s that called? Speeding up, Shakira pulled up in her Audi Q8 and parked it quickly on the street corner near the recording studio.

What is that? Shakira did not do a very good job parking her Mercedes in Barcelona on Thursday

What’s happening over there? It seems like Shakira could use some more practice in parking her Mercedes in Barcelona last Thursday.

Run! Shakira quickly ran up to the gentleman holding out her car key so that he could park the vehicle for her

Hey there! Shakira quickly went over to the man and gave him her car key, requesting him to go and park the car for her.

Natural beauty: Despite in a rush, Shakira still managed to look effortlessly stunning in her casual ensemble

Shakira managed to effortlessly pull off a stunning look in her casual outfit, even though she was in a rush.

Doing it himself: Gerard Piqué arrives at the music studio, and decides that he would park Shakira's car for her

Taking matters into his own hands, Gerard Piqué heads to the music studio and takes it upon himself to find a parking spot for Shakira’s car.

Sorting it out: Gerard Piqué opens the car door so that he can park it better than his girlfriend

Trying to figure it out: Gerard Pique decides to open the car door to enhance his parking skills before meeting his girlfriend.

Attracting a crowd: Gerard Piqué stopped to chat to passers-by as he arrived to meet Shakira

Attracting a crowd: Gerard Pique was chatting with people on the street as he made his way to meet up with Shakira.

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