Selena Gomez’s Sophisticated Style Shines in Eye-Catching Mustard Blazer and Tailored Trousers During New York Press Tour

Selena Gomez has shown that she is unafraid to express herself through her music. In her newest song, Lose You to Love Me, she seems to draw inspiration from her past turbulent relationship with ex Justin Bieber. Moreover, Gomez has also displayed her bold fashion choices by stepping out in a striking avant-garde ensemble in New York City recently.

Bold look: Selena Gomez proved she's not afraid to make a statement in her wardrobe, as she rocked an avant-garde look Tuesday in New York City

Selena Gomez showed her fearless and bold fashion sense as she stepped out in an eye-catching outfit in New York City. She sported a unique mustard yellow top with long sleeves, an exaggerated cowl neck, and an asymmetric hemline. The hem was accentuated with a black leather belt, adorned with a gold buckle left unbuckled for added flair. Paired with high-waisted black pants and leather pumps, the 27-year-old accessorized with silver hoop earrings and a diamond ring, highlighting her fresh red manicure.

Mustard yellow: She rocked a long-sleeve mustard yellow top, which featured and an exaggerated layered cowl neck and an asymmetrical pointed hem

She looked fabulous in a mustard yellow top with long sleeves, showcasing an oversized layered cowl neck and a unique pointed hem that added a touch of asymmetrical flair.

Belted top: One side of the hem was bafflingly trimmed with a black leather belt, featuring an unbuckled gold buckle

Hell on heels: The look was paired with some high-waisted black trousers and matching leather pumps

Top with a belt detail: The hem of one side had a sleek black leather belt with a stylish gold buckle left unbuckled. This chic ensemble was styled with high-waisted black pants and coordinating leather heels.

Bling bling: The 27-year-old completed the ensemble with some silver hoop earrings and a costume diamond ring, accentuating her fresh red manicure

Dazzling accessories were the finishing touches to her look, as the 27-year-old adorned herself with silver hoop earrings and a sparkling costume diamond ring, complementing her vibrant red manicure.

She recently dropped two new singles in rapid succession, with one rumored to be influenced by Bieber. Their on-again, off-again romantic relationship spanned from 2010 to 2018, until Bieber eventually married Hailey Baldwin.

According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly about Lose You to Love Me, the song was indeed inspired by Selena’s breakup with Justin, though it would be inaccurate to claim it is solely about him.

Breakup song: She recently released two new singles back-to-back, one of which is believed to be inspired by ex Justin Bieber

New music alert! She just dropped not one, but two new singles in quick succession. Rumor has it that one of the new tracks may just be a reflection of her past relationship with singer Justin Bieber.

Rave reviews: He pal Taylor Swift recently took to her Instagram story to sing praises of the new track: 'This song is a perfect expression of healing and my absolute favorite song she’s put out yet'

Great reviews: Taylor Swift’s close friend shared their admiration for her latest song on her Instagram story, calling it a powerful anthem of healing and expressing it as their favorite work of hers so far.

Ride or die: Gomez responded with a selfie of the two of them, calling Swift her 'ride or die': 'I would die for this one'

Gomez shared a photo of herself and Swift, describing the pop star as her loyal companion, stating she would do anything for her. She explained that the song is about self-love and moving on from negative relationships. Swift also praised the track on her Instagram story, calling it a powerful anthem of healing and expressing her admiration for Gomez. The bond between the two friends was evident as Gomez reciprocated the sentiment, referring to Swift as her “ride or die” and declaring her willingness to do anything for her.

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