Selena Gomez Offers Heartfelt Guidance to Younger Sister Gracie Teefey’s Exciting Red Carpet Introduction at Frozen 2 Premiere

Selena Gomez exhibited her protective instincts when she proudly accompanied her six-year-old sister, Gracie Teefey, on the red carpet for the premiere of Frozen 2 last month. During an interview on the BBC Radio 1 show Sounds, the 27-year-old singer and actress opened up about the momentous occasion. Selena recounted how she knelt down to Gracie’s level, making eye contact before they entered the spotlight. She reassured her little sister, saying, “If you start feeling nervous or overwhelmed, simply give my hand a gentle tug, and I will whisk you away instantly.”

Family time: Selena Gomez was ready to be protective when she gave her six-year-old sister Gracie Teefey a red carpet debut at the Frozen 2 premiere last month (pictured)

She remembered Gracie’s actions vividly, saying, “Gracie just casually said ‘K’ and confidently strutted onto the carpet, fully embracing her moment with the feathers.” The popular singer fondly reminisced, adding, “I was left standing there, urging Gracie to include me in the picture too! But she was completely immersed in living her best life.” Selena, affectionately referring to the host as “Grimmy,” expressed how incredible it felt to bring Gracie to the red carpet, describing it as an unparalleled experience.

So sweet: On the BBC Radio 1 show Sounds , Selena, 27, shared that 'I bent down and I looked at her before we stepped on'

I told her, I was like: “This carpet I worked on is absolutely my favorite.” It’s worth mentioning that she hasn’t worked on any carpets before and we didn’t pressure her into doing so.
She expressed: “Our efforts are solely focused on keeping her secure. However, my sister has developed a flair for drama lately, and she’s all about fancy dresses and glitter.”
Justin Bieber’s former girlfriend shared during her appearance on a UK radio show: “Oh, she had an absolute blast! It was like being in Disneyland.”

Hand in hand: Selena shared: 'And I said:

Despite not appearing in the Frozen films, Selena and Gracie made a grand entrance at the red carpet event in perfectly coordinated costumes. The premiere took place at the renowned Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, known for hosting the prestigious Academy Awards ceremony. The incredible popularity of Disney’s Frozen franchise has even led to a successful Broadway adaptation, which debuted at the St. James Theatre just last year.

Selena Gomez Gave Her Little Sister the Most Heartwarming Red Carpet Advice | Billboard – Billboard

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