Rihanna Turns Heads in $15,000 YSL Heart Jacket Following Stylish Dinner at Nobu

Ever since she announced her pregnancy, she has joyfully been flaunting her growing belly to everyone.

Out and about: The pregnant hitmaker sported the coat alongside a more laid-back look

On that particular evening, Rihanna opted for a more modest ensemble, donning her beloved $14,669 Saint Laurent heart-shaped jacket paired with a Chicago Bulls jersey for her dinner at Nobu on a Tuesday night.

Bumping along: Rihanna reprised her $14,669 (£10,813) heart-shaped jacket from Saint Laurent to team with a Chicago Bulls jersey as she headed out for dinner at Nobu on Tuesday

The pop sensation, at 33 years old, donned the oversized fur coat once again, pairing it this time with a more laid-back ensemble for a casual evening in Malibu. Rihanna opted for a sports shirt to discreetly cover her baby bump, following the recent announcement that she and her beau, A$AP Rocky, are expecting their first child.

Edgy: She first donned the vast fur coat in 2016

In addition to her stylish red fur coat, Rihanna paired it with brown combat pants featuring unique patchwork details and white strappy heels. This outfit consisting of a Saint Laurent top from the designer’s Autumn collection made its debut on the singer during a leisurely stroll in New York back in 2016.

Relaxed: After announcing earlier this month that she's expecting her first child with beau A$AP Rocky, Rihanna opted to cover her growing bump in the sports jersey

Ever since Rihanna announced her pregnancy, she has been confidently flaunting her baby bump in various fashionable ways. Recently, at an event, Rihanna discussed her plans to maintain her stylish appearance throughout her pregnancy journey.

Standing out: The Work musician teamed the top with brown combat trousers covered with funky patchwork and white thin-strapped heels

Confident: After announcing her pregnancy, Rihanna has been confidently showcasing her bump in an array of sexy looks

Taxi! She was seen jumping into a waiting car after enjoying her dinner in Malibu

In an interview with PEOPLE, she shared that dressing up during her pregnancy was both enjoyable and challenging. The singer of the hit song “Umbrella” expressed her delight in the process, saying, “It’s fun, I’m really enjoying it.”

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