“Riding the Waves with Tillman: The Surfing Bulldog Who Commands the Ocean”

Watch Tillman the Surfing Bulldog in action, riding the waves like a pro! This talented and versatile pup is truly impressive at everything he tries! Don’t miss out on this awesome video – and be sure to share it to bring a smile to others! 😊

UPDATE: Sadly, Tillman the surfing and skateboarding English bulldog passed away on October 27, 2015, due to natural causes. Learn more about his incredible story and watch the touching paddle-out tribute held in his honor by visiting this link: http://www.pawbuzz.com/hundreds-pay-tribute-to-tillman-the-beloved-surfing-english-bulldog/

Join the hundreds who paid tribute to Tillman, the beloved Surfing English Bulldog.

Hundreds Pay Tribute To Tillman The Beloved Surfing English Bulldog

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