“Pups on the Pavement: A New York City Dog Walker’s Adorable Daily Group Photoshoot”

Saratoga Dog Walkers, a dog walking service in Saratoga Springs, New York has come up with a unique way to make their daily walks with dogs more fun and memorable. They take beautiful group photos of the furry companions during their popular afternoon strolls called the “Mid Day Pack Walk Program”. Tim Pink and his assistant, Erin Prevost, lead around 50 dogs of different breeds every week, categorized based on their size.

Tim’s approach to dog training focuses on the innate pack instincts of dogs, which he believes are often overlooked in domesticated pets. He recognizes that many dogs miss out on the opportunity to socialize in groups and emphasizes the importance of regular walks together. Through his program, Tim strives to create a tight-knit community of well-behaved dogs in his area.

Before introducing a new dog to the pack, Tim dedicates time and effort to building a relationship with each individual dog. This allows him to assess their level of obedience training by observing their behavior around other canines. Additionally, Tim takes care to memorize each dog’s name and unique qualities, forging a personal bond with each furry companion.

Dog group walks usually last for a minimum of 30 minutes, but may extend up to 45 minutes in some cases. To ensure the dogs are clean and free from dirt or rain after their walk, they are given a thorough cleaning. The walks take place regardless of the weather conditions, with potty breaks provided in case of extreme weather. For those who love dogs and enjoy Instagram, Saratoga Dog Walkers have an interesting collection of photos from their pack walks. They aim to keep things exciting by exploring new locations and capturing snapshots along the way. Dog enthusiasts on Instagram will find this account engaging and enjoyable.

It’s a regular sight to witness an attractive dog being the center of attention in some of the most amazing photos, almost as if they’re posing for a group selfie with their pals. Tim founded his own enterprise in 2011 and has compiled a remarkable assortment of photographs showcasing groups of dogs since then. These images serve as evidence that the Pack Walk campaign has a beneficial effect on the dogs’ temperament, as seen by their serene and poised demeanor during the photo shoots.

The enthusiasm of Tim and Erin towards their work reflects in the way they handle their clients at Saratoga Dog Walkers. Their clients have nothing but praises for them, which speaks volumes about their commitment to their work. Being a non-dog owner, I still give them my highest recommendation for their amazing visuals. It’s worth noting that Saratoga Dog Walkers has already achieved a verified 5-star rating on Facebook.

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