“Nicki Minaj’s Cryptic Post Draws Criticism After Taunting Cardi B Amidst Spousal Fight”

Nicki Minaj has faced criticism for a recent Instagram story aimed at Cardi B, with some fans calling her “delusional” and “unhinged”. The story prompted accusations of hypocrisy, as Minaj claims to also support Black women. Meanwhile, Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty has found himself in further trouble after violating the terms of his probation by making threats against Cardi B’s husband on social media.

Kenneth has landed himself in a lot of legal trouble due to his reckless social media statements. Court documents reveal that he’s been slapped with a house detention sentence of 120 days, a clear indication of how severe the situation is.
As soon as the house arrest began, his wife shared some ambiguous stories on Instagram that many think were aimed at Cardi B. In one of the posts, she wrote, “You can’t keep calling the cops every time you fail. Just my two cents,” followed by several laughing and crying emojis.

Social media users have expressed their disgust over Nicki Minaj’s recent Instagram Stories. Some Redditors criticized Minaj for weaponizing the protection of black women and for not being a good friend to women. One person pointed out that Minaj only stands up for women when it benefits her personally. Another person brought up Minaj’s husband’s victim, questioning why she wasn’t protected. An angry fan commented that Minaj’s brain must have been poisoned by all the plastic surgery she’s had. On a different note, people are also curious about why Kenneth Petty threatened Offset.

Kenneth Petty, the husband of Nicki Minhaj, has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for violating the terms of his probation by posting recordings on social media that threatened rapper Offset. In September 2021, Kenneth was ordered to undergo home monitoring after being recorded making threatening remarks to a specific individual, believed to be Offset, whilst in the company of someone with a criminal record. Petty and his crew were seen outside a New York City hotel where Offset was allegedly staying, and in a video that went viral on social media, Petty made several frightening remarks towards Offset. In another incident, Cardi B accused Minhaj of making derogatory statements about her parenting abilities at a New York Fashion Week party, but Minhaj has denied ever speaking negatively about anyone’s child or parenting skills. In July 2022, Kenneth was sentenced to three years of probation for failing to register as a sex offender in 2020, having been convicted of first-degree attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl in 1995 and serving four years in prison in New York. The feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj began when they collaborated on the song “MotorSport” with Migos in October 2017, with Cardi allegedly becoming enraged with Minhaj after hearing her criticize her parenting skills.

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