My Abs Are Sore AF after Trying Jennifer Aniston’s Workout Routine

While some individuals enjoy indulging in the latest rumors about famous personalities such as their relationships and feuds with their former best friends, my interest lies in reading about their exercise routines. I particularly find it fascinating when they share their abdominal training techniques.

I reached out to Leyon Azubuike, who is certified by AFAA and also the founder of Gloveworx. He is the one responsible for training Jennifer Aniston. I asked him to share an ab workout that is approved by Aniston, and he delivered an impressive one. This ab workout is specifically designed to help enhance your core strength and stability by incorporating rotational exercises such as rotational ball slams, antirotational exercises such as bird dog, and stability movements like planks, according to Leyon. After 15 seconds into the first exercise, which was a forearm plank, I could feel my abs shaking. I then had a chance to take a rest with an active recovery movement called bird dog (it’s my favorite move, particularly if you’re having back pain), followed by the powerful rotational ball slam. Even though the reps were light, after completing three rounds of the first circuit, I felt the burn in my core. The second circuit was quite similar to the first circuit in terms of incorporating comparable movement patterns, but different exercises were performed.

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