“Money Over Modesty: Cardi B Ditches Underwear and Dances with Tampon on Stage to Please Fans”

The internet is buzzing about Cardi B’s recent concert outfit that left little to the imagination. The rapper opted to not wear underwear and instead showed off her hygiene pad. Some are questioning if this is a case of cultural differences or simply crass behavior. Regardless, Cardi B’s performance showcased her usual bold and sexy style, with a bright yellow mini-skirt barely covering her backside and revealing quite a bit up front.

Cardi B’s ultra-short skirt was already prone to wardrobe malfunctions, but instead of wearing safety shorts, she boldly opted to forego underwear altogether. The front-row audience members were the first to notice her wardrobe malfunction and excitedly took out their phones to snap photos. Despite the mishap, Cardi B remained unfazed and continued to dance along with the music.

As she swayed, the sanitary pad also swung along. Cardi B seemed oblivious to whether or not the audience was paying attention to her, as she not only walked towards the edge of the stage to get closer to them but also placed her hand on a sensitive area.

Little did Cardi B know that the audience directly beneath her had a clearer and more vivid view of her actions during the concert, thanks to their vertical vantage point. As expected, after the concert, the media’s attention and coverage focused more on her bold behavior rather than the performance itself.

Cardi B’s controversial behavior quickly grabbed headlines across various news outlets.

Even the U.S., a country known for its openness, was shocked by her behavior. Just a few days ago, Cardi B made headlines for angrily smashing a fan’s microphone with a shoe.

During the concert that day, someone suddenly threw a drink at Cardi B. Although many singers would choose to tolerate such unexpected situations in order to maintain their image, Cardi B, who was extremely angry, chose to fight back and smashed her microphone directly.

Moreover, Cardi B also directed profanity towards the said fan.

In reality, the water-splashing segment was actually planned by Cardi B herself, but there was a specific time designated for it to happen.

However, the fan did not comply with the agreed-upon time and instead of throwing water, they threw a drink, which provoked Cardi B’s anger.

To Cardi B’s surprise, the microphone hit an innocent fan standing next to her.

The innocent fan who was targeted by Cardi B did not let it go and decided to contact the authorities, resulting in an investigation being launched against the rapper. The incident also unintentionally exposed Cardi B’s lip-syncing as the music continued playing after she threw her microphone. This was the second time in 24 hours that Cardi B had smashed a microphone in anger.

On another occasion during a concert, Cardi B threw her microphone at the DJ because they couldn’t keep the beat.

We’re all familiar with Cardi B, the reigning rap queen of America, affectionately known to her fans as “Big Sis”. Her journey is nothing short of legendary, going from growing up in poverty in Manhattan’s projects to becoming a household name in just six years.

Up to this point, Cardi B holds the record for the most RIAA diamond-certified singles among female artists and has won a Grammy for Best Rap Album. She’s undoubtedly had a successful career. However, before fame, Cardi B had to resort to doing questionable things for money.

For instance, at the age of 16, joining a street gang and becoming a stripper at the age of 19…

Cardi B never felt ashamed or embarrassed about her experience as a stripper. In fact, she once said that being a stripper “saved” her.

Thanks to this job, she was able to earn money and leave her abusive boyfriend. Additionally, the income from this job also allowed her to have the means to attend college.

As a result, Cardi B has been teased as the “Mariah Carey of strip clubs.” It’s unclear whether it was her past experiences or just her fearless attitude that allowed her to remain independent even after entering the entertainment industry. At an awards ceremony, she famously shouted out, “OMG, I’m too famous now” and “Enough talk, I’m outta here!”

When it comes to haters, she takes a positive approach and even poked fun at them in public during an awards ceremony: “I would like to thank my haters, because they have to download my music in order to hear my songs and hate on me, but in the end, all the money goes to me.”

Finally, they couldn’t resist laughing and making fun with a big “hahaha.”

Fans who read this will probably be furious and need to take a break. During her time on “Love and Hip Hop New York,” one of the contestants spoke negatively about Cardi B behind her back. The host brought it up, asking the female contestant if she had talked badly about Cardi B in text messages.

After Cardi B finished listening, she grabbed her stiletto heels and attacked the female contestant, leading to a heated physical altercation on the spot. The scene was incredibly intense.

After the fight, she continued to shout in front of the camera, “You’re asking for trouble by talking about my business. You’re basically asking to get hurt.” Cardi B has a quick-temper and never puts off getting revenge – it’s always immediate. Additionally, she doesn’t care about the person’s status or position before fighting them – it’s all about her mood. In 2018, she famously got into a physical altercation with Nicki Minaj.

During an event, Cardi B threw her shoe at Rah Ali after the latter insulted Cardi B’s daughter during her performance.

Finally, the two individuals went all-out in front of a crowd of elegant high society members, engaging in a fierce physical altercation.

As Cardi B left, she didn’t have any shoes on and had a bump on her forehead, but she wasn’t embarrassed at all.

Many people jokingly say that while other people’s bodyguards protect the celebrities themselves, Cardi B’s bodyguards protect others from her potential harm. Her straightforward personality has garnered a lot of fans who appreciate her music and sharp lyrics, as well as her bold and edgy fashion sense.

Many red carpet looks are quite ostentatious.

It takes a team of 8 people to hold up the train of a rooster crest flower dress.

During her early days, she underwent breast and buttock augmentation in order to achieve a better figure. After achieving fame, she admitted to having received buttock injections at a small clinic herself. Recalling the experience, she said, “To be honest, it was the most excruciating pain I have ever experienced. After the injection, I felt like I was going to faint from the pain and had a lingering dizziness. The injected material continued to leak out of my body for about five days after the surgery. I had planned to have further touch-ups, but the clinic had already closed down due to a death during surgery.” Her marriage to rapper Offset also garnered much attention, with the two tying the knot in 2017 and welcoming a daughter the following year.

In 2018, the couple ended their marriage. In an attempt to reconcile, Offset showed up at Cardi B’s performance with 2000 roses, but the audience reacted negatively with boos.

Less than a month after their divorce, the couple reconciled at lightning speed.

In September 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce but three months later, she withdrew her petition. Fast forward to 2021, Cardi B gave birth to her second child. Along with Offset’s three children from previous relationships, the family of seven is now living together.

Cardi B has never held back her words or actions as a public figure. Her popularity among fans in recent years has only emboldened her further.

Sometimes being genuine is great, but when it becomes indulgent, especially when using vulgarity as entertainment, it’s bound to backfire eventually. Go back to Sohu for more.

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