“Meow-sical Talent: Small Kitten’s Loud Meows Help Rescuers Discover Her Hiding Under a Car”

A little black kitten named “Rice Cake” got herself into a bit of trouble when she crawled into a parked car to keep warm. Unfortunately, she was too scared to come out and started meowing for help. Thankfully, rescuers in Sunset Park heard her cries and worked together to locate her hiding spot. After a bit of effort, they were able to free her from the car. Despite being covered in grease and fleas, this chatty and agile kitten was given a bath, a snack, and was soon back to her talkative self.


Rice Cake is happily purring and baking some cookies after her first shower and snack. It’s great to see her enjoying the good life now that she doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore. The rescue of Banh Gao garnered a lot of attention, with many people reacting with humor as well. Thankfully, Rice Cake was meowing at the right time and was heard by compassionate individuals who investigated and saved her from a terrible fate. We owe a big thank you to those with delicate ears who were able to hear her cries for help and take action.


Collaborating with several lifeguards, including the Sunset Park Cats, she successfully rescued a kitten. To their relief, the owner didn’t leave before they arrived to help. As she used to have cat-related duties, the Sunset Park Cats took charge and freed the kitten using their bare hands. The kitten was covered in grime and fleas, but after a thorough bath and a satisfying meal, it purred and even made cookies. According to the Sunset Park Cats, the rescued kitten, Banh Gao, is approximately four weeks old, and it took them hours to set her free.


I had an experience today while filming My Feral Lady where we encountered a helpless kitten trapped under a car. This little one was only about four weeks old and we attempted to capture it using a kitten trap but unfortunately, it wasn’t successful.


People attempt to lure the kitten out from under the car by crouching and mimicking its meows. This tactic often results in the kitten approaching them, but remaining just out of reach. The kitten continues to exhibit fear and hesitation. Eventually, the individuals establish enough trust with the kitten to retrieve it from underneath the car.


Incredible work is being done to help animals in New York, especially during the colder months when cats and kittens may seek refuge under parked cars. To avoid any accidents, it’s important to check underneath your car before turning it on. If a kitten is found, it will be given proper medical attention, nourishment, and a cozy environment. Depending on the situation, the kitten may be placed in a temporary foster home or up for adoption to a loving family who can provide a forever home. These types of stories showcase the impact individuals can make when they advocate for those in need. The kindness and dedication of rescuers, along with the kitten’s resilience, make for an uplifting tale of rescue and hope.

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