“Meet Samson: The Feline Phenomenon of NYC, Weighing in at 28 Pounds and Measuring 4 Feet!”

Meet Samson, the biggest feline in New York City. This enormous cat weighs a whopping 28 pounds and measures an incredible four feet in length. He’s so large that he even has his own spacious carriage to lounge in, and he loves to play fetch like a dog. Samson is a Maine Coon breed and is just four years old, but he’s already gained a massive following on Instagram with over 104,000 fans. His remarkable size has made him a true celebrity.

Jonathan Zurbel, pictured with Samson, said he made his cat famous on Instagram now that he as some 104,000 followers

Jonathan Zurbel and his feline companion, Samson, have gained a considerable online following thanks to their viral Instagram account. The dynamic duo has amassed an impressive fanbase of more than 104,000 individuals. Samson’s charming demeanor and playful antics have captured the hearts of many, and Jonathan takes pride in being the driving force behind his companion’s rise to internet fame.

The 42-year-old DJ from New York said Samson will eat six tins of cat food a day and costs $120 to groom every month

A 42-year-old DJ from New York shared that his cat, Samson, has a big appetite and devours six cans of cat food every day. He also mentioned that the monthly grooming cost for Samson is $120.

Zurbel said his monster-sized cat has made him irresistible to women who want to come over to his apartment to see Samson

DJ Jonathan Zurbel has gained a significant following on Instagram, thanks to his feline companion Samson. Zurbel adopted Samson from his brother, and the cat’s size has since become a topic of fascination. Samson’s weight has continued to increase, and after a visit to the vet, he was recognized as the largest cat on record, earning him the label of “monster-sized cat.” To satisfy his insatiable appetite, Samson requires six cans of food each day, and to keep him presentable, Zurbel spends $120 every few months on grooming. Despite his size, Samson is a friendly and loving cat who gets along well with dogs and enjoys watching movies like Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 on Zurbel’s iPad. Samson’s fame has even helped Zurbel’s romantic fortunes, with many girls expressing an interest in visiting his apartment to meet the famous and charming cat.

Zurbel loves to take his adorable pet Samson for a stroll in a customized stroller made exclusively for him. Their walks together never fail to brighten up the day of people who catch a glimpse of them.

Zurbel believes other people should consider rescuing a cat as they make excellent companions

Zurbel believes that adopting a cat is an excellent decision since they make great companions. His beloved cat, Samson, often draws attention from people when he goes out for walks due to his size. Some are even surprised and mistake Samson for a child in a stroller. However, owning a large cat also means taking on considerable responsibilities, including providing a spacious litter box and buying dog carriers and leashes for Samson. With Samson’s growing popularity, Zurbel plans to create a mixtape where Samson can contribute to mixing music. Zurbel hopes that Samson’s fame will inspire more individuals to consider adopting rescue cats since many of them need homes. To Zurbel, Samson is like a son and a part of his family, and he would never think of selling him. He also challenges others to come forward if they have a bigger cat than Samson, who is currently the biggest cat in New York.

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