Meet Ikiru, The Reigning Champion of Blepdom That Has Captivated the Web

Upon laying eyes on Ikiru’s photo, Rich and Emma were smitten with the charming feline. After a single visit and a few weeks of preparation, they welcomed him into their home as a permanent member of their family. The couple even set up an Instagram account to document Ikiru’s daily activities, which has since garnered him quite a following. It’s not hard to see why – Ikiru is the undisputed king of “blep,” and some of his facial expressions are so amusing that people often inquire about his well-being.

Rich and Emma assure fans that Ikiru is in excellent health, boasting some of the best teeth their vet has ever seen. Although his breed is known for having a slightly pudgy face, Ikiru is remarkably active and in great shape. While it may seem like his tongue is always hanging out, the couple explains that it’s merely a quirk of his that leads to some entertaining expressions.




The feline companion goes by the moniker of his owner’s beloved Akira Kurosawa movie, with the name ‘ikiru’ signifying ‘to live’ or ‘living’ in Japanese. This charming kitty possesses a blend of endearing qualities – from being affectionate and loving to displaying a touch of grumpiness that only adds to his charm. Apart from these traits, Ikiru is also known for his playful and amusing nature, with one particular quirk being his love for crawling into tunnels or hiding under objects like blankets and sheets of paper. He can also be seen staring at you upside down from the corner of a room, adding to his unique personality.




According to Rich and Emma, Ikiru is a constant source of amusement with his funny behavior and facial expressions. They are delighted that they can share his charm with people worldwide through social media. The couple receives messages from across the globe praising Ikiru’s adorable looks, personality, and funny faces that make people’s days better. In fact, fans even create artwork that captures his mischievous nature perfectly.












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