Jennifer Aniston’s Suspenders Dance Performance Leaves Audience Speechless

If you thought you knew Jennifer Aniston, think again. These pictures of the actress are sure to leave you with a new impression. In these behind-the-scenes photos from the movie We’re The Millers, Aniston stuns in black lingerie while portraying a stripper character. At 44 years old, she confidently flaunts her toned stomach and alluring cleavage. Her sultry balconette bra and black knickers perfectly enhance her figure. You won’t want to miss these captivating snapshots.

The famous woman unintentionally revealed her nipples when she wore a partially see-through bra. She added to the seductive look by wearing daring stockings and suspenders while sensually dancing around a pole. Her appearance was remarkably different with a new haircut- a black wig that had uneven cuts and purple highlights, completely covering her signature caramel-colored hair.

Jennifer played the part of Rose, a stripper who is going through a tough time financially, in a funny movie. To assist Jason Sudeikis’s employer in transporting a large shipment of marijuana, she pretends to be his wife. Emma Roberts also starred in the film. Before filming the scenes that revealed her body, the stunning actress, who is presently engaged to actor Justin Theroux, worked diligently to maintain her slim and toned physique.

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