“Jennifer Aniston’s Optimistic Gut Feeling: The Actress Awaits To Find Her Soulmate After Two Divorces and Five Years of Being Single.”

According to UsWeekly, Jennifer Aniston, who has been single for the past five years, is hopeful that she will find love again in her 50s after two failed marriages. A source close to the actress claims that she has a strong intuition that she will eventually meet the right person to settle down with. It has been reported that Jennifer Aniston feels positive about the future and her chances of finding a new partner.

The star of Friends, who is well-established in her career with a circle of friends including Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock, is currently single and has had difficulty in finding love after divorcing both Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux. However, according to a source, if she never finds a partner again, she will not be too bothered as she has her furry pets and close friends to keep her company and make her happy. The insider shared that she won’t dwell on it if love doesn’t come her way.

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