“Instagram Sensation: Unique Sphynx Cats with Bowie-Like Eye Condition and Expressive ‘Mean’ Looks”

A unique and eye-catching duo of Sphynx felines are stealing hearts across the internet due to their distinct appearance. Rosie and her daughter Poppy, both hairless with pink skin, sport a condition known as heterochromia, which results in each of their eyes having different colors- yellow and blue. Their owner, Sarah Jenkins, started sharing cute snaps of them on social media after friends described them as “weird” and “mean.”

An unusual pair of Sphynx cats with different coloured eyes have become internet sensations after being branded 'weird'

These Sphynx cats are causing quite the stir online due to their unique feature of having mismatched eye colors. Despite being labeled as “weird,” this unusual duo has become quite the internet sensation.

Stunning pictures of the two unusual-looking felines - whose eyes bear a striking resemblance to David Bowie's

Stunning pictures of the two unusual-looking felines - whose eyes bear a striking resemblance to David Bowie's (pictured)

The adorable felines in these breathtaking photos have uniquely captivating eyes that resemble those of the legendary musician David Bowie. These cuties even have their own Instagram account with an impressive following of over 30,000 fans.

Sarah Jenkins, from the United States, began sharing pictures of cats Rosie, two, and her one-year-old daughter Poppy on social media after hearing from acquaintances that her cats looked strange and 'mean'

Sarah Jenkins, a teacher from the US, created an Instagram account for her two cats named Rosie and Poppy after receiving comments from acquaintances that they looked strange and unfriendly. She started posting pictures of the two felines who have captivating eyes resembling David Bowie’s, and as a result, the page has amassed over 30,000 followers. Although Sarah is a private and sensitive person, she continued sharing her cats’ images despite receiving negative and hurtful feedback. Her motivation was to show people the kind and loving nature of Sphynx cats and to break the negative stereotypes that surround them due to their unique appearance.

Rosie and Poppy have pink hairless skin and heterochromia, a condition which means their eyes are of two different colours - yellow and blue

Rosie and Poppy are two feline friends with a unique appearance. They sport pink, hairless skin and a condition called heterochromia, which gives them one yellow eye and one blue eye. Their owner Sarah, who has had experience with other cat breeds in the past, claims that Sphynx cats are the most affectionate and loving pets she has ever owned. In fact, Sphynx cats are often referred to as “Velcro cats” because they want to be as close to their human as possible. According to Sarah, Rosie and Poppy take this to the extreme and will even try to perch on her shoulder like a parrot just for some extra snuggles. Overall, these kitties are the ultimate cuddle buddies.

Sarah, a teacher, said: 'I started our cats' social media after someone said that they looked

According to Sarah, a teacher, she decided to create social media accounts for her cats after someone commented that they appeared “strange” and “unfriendly.”

According to Sarah, who has previously owned other breeds, Sphynx cats are the most affectionate and loving that she has had

Sarah, an experienced cat owner who has had various breeds, claims that Sphynx cats are the most loving and affectionate she has ever owned. It’s worth noting that heterochromia, a condition where the eyes have different colors, is a rarity in cats, dogs, and humans. It mostly occurs in white-furred cats, and this anomaly is evident in Poppy and Rosie, who are technically pink in color but would be white if they had fur. Their unique eye colors make them even more extraordinary.

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