Heartwarming Story of a Compassionate Man Who Rescues a Stranded Dog and Uncovers Its Heartbreaking Tale

While walking his clients – Gouda and Lily – in Prospect Park, Eric Maus, a dog walker, stumbled upon a heart-wrenching sight. He noticed a Pit Bull that was tethered to a tree with a note attached to it.

“Bring me to my new home! I’m a wonderful pooch, 7 years old, and don’t let my large size intimidate you – I have a sweet personality.” Eric joined with two other four-legged companions, yet the affectionate giant remained calm and amiable.

The dog walker found himself in a dilemma when he encountered Mamas alone in Prospect Park. Knowing that leaving her behind was not an option, he turned to Facebook for help. He posted a photo of Mamas on a neighborhood page and asked for advice. It didn’t take long for responses to start pouring in from concerned citizens. One person even offered to meet them by a tree and arranged for transportation to the Sean Casey Animal Rescue outside of the park. Fortunately, the shelter had a kennel available to take Mamas in.

As they exited the park, the two companions strolled side by side. However, Mamas, the larger of the two, had to take her time due to a potential bladder infection. Eventually, they made their way to the rescue center where Mamas’ apprehension faded away entirely! She was eager to begin a new chapter in life and wasted no time jumping out of the car and proceeding into the shelter. It seemed as if she instinctively understood that she was finally in a safe place.

Once the necessary stray holding period is completed and Mamas is medically cleared, she will be made available for adoption to find her permanent loving home!

At present, Mamas is content to be away from the park and in the company of individuals who appreciate and cherish her. Eric believes that the person who decides to adopt this affectionate pup will undoubtedly have good fortune on their side.

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