Healing with a Big Mac: Selena Gomez Indulges in Fast Food Outing After Mom’s Miscarriage

Selena Gomez recently made a public appearance at a McDonald’s drive-thru in LA, looking relaxed and carefree despite going through a tough time over the holiday season. She was spotted enjoying a fast-food meal and smiled as she indulged in some chips, showing her resilient spirit. This outing is one of the first times she has been seen in public since her family experienced a heartbreaking loss in December.

Lunch for two? Selena Gomez hit the McDonald's drive-thru before heading to Justin Bieber's home in LA

In need of a snack, Selena Gomez decided to stop by a McDonald’s drive-thru before heading over to Justin Bieber’s house in LA. She ordered enough food for two, planning to enjoy a casual lunch with her significant other.

Multi-tasking: Selena nattered on her phone while pumping her car with gas

Multi-tasking: Selena nattered on her phone while pumping her car with gas

Selena was filmed casually chatting on her phone while filling up her car at the gas station. Despite the emotional tweet revealing her sister’s name, the actress seemed upbeat and showed off her multitasking skills. She looked stylish in a trendy outfit, pairing dark hair with slim grey jeans, wedge heels, eye-catching jewelry, and a white shirt casually tied at the waist.

Make mine a large: Selena takes a super size drink from the window attendant

Selena eagerly reaches for the largest drink size offered by the drive-thru attendant, displaying her fondness for generous portions. Despite facing a personal setback, Selena and her band The Scene are set to take the stage at her charity concert on January 20th at the House of Blues in West Hollywood. She took to social media with enthusiasm, hinting at surprise appearances by special guests at the UNICEF charity event. Serving as a UNICEF Ambassador since 2009, Selena is committed to giving back to those in need. She is looking forward to connecting with her fans in person while raising vital funds for important causes. Moreover, Selena penned a heartfelt open-letter to her friend Demi Lovato, offering her unwavering support as Demi navigated through struggles with self-harm and eating disorders that led to rehab in late 2010.

Even skinny girls eat! Selena was seen munching on her chips before she even drove away

Selena was seen savoring a treat, showing that even slim girls indulge in food. On a separate note, Demi Lovato was the guest of honor at a luncheon put together by Ann Shoket, the editor of Seventeen magazine. At the gathering, Shoket shared a heartfelt email from Selena Gomez, commending Demi for her courage and efforts to improve herself. In return, Demi expressed her appreciation and affection, mentioning that she and Selena have always had a harmonious relationship because Selena avoids conflict.

Dissatisfied: Selena didn't look too impressed with her fast food

Not pleased: Selena didn’t appear too thrilled with the fast food she had been served.

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