From Hollywood to the Small Screen: Scarlett Johansson Takes on Just Cause in a Gender-Bending Series for Amazon Prime Video

Scarlett Johansson is set to explore a new medium as she ventures into television with a fresh adaptation of John Katzenbach’s novel “Just Cause.” The actress, who is 38 years old, will not only act in the new series but also serve as the executive producer. Amazon has granted a straight-to-series order for the project, as reported by Deadline. The upcoming show holds a special place in Johansson’s heart since she played the daughter of Sean Connery’s character at just 10 years of age in the 1995 movie adaptation.

TV first: Scarlett Johansson will make her first major foray into television with a new TV adaptation of the 1992 John Katzenbach novel Just Cause

The renowned actress Scarlett Johansson is all set to explore new horizons as she ventures into the world of television for the first time. She will be starring in an upcoming TV adaptation of John Katzenbach’s acclaimed novel, Just Cause, which was written back in 1992.

Straight-to-series: The 38-year-old actress will both star in the new series and serve as executive producer, with Amazon handing out a straight-to-series order, via Deadline

According to Deadline, Amazon has given a straight-to-series order to a new show that will feature a 38-year-old actress as both the lead star and executive producer.

Connection: The project has a special connection to Johansson, who, at just 10 years of age, starred in the 1995 movie adaptation as the daughter of Sean Connery's character

The upcoming series holds a special significance for Johansson, as she had played the role of Sean Connery’s daughter in the 1995 film adaptation of the book. The original story revolved around Matt Cowart, an editorial writer from Miami who receives a letter from a death row convict claiming his innocence. However, the movie changed the lead character to Connery’s Paul Armstrong, a Harvard law professor who takes up the case of a young Black man accused of murdering a white girl. The new series will have Johansson play the role of Madison ‘Madi’ Cowart, a struggling journalist from Florida who is sent to cover the final days of a death row inmate.

New series: This new series will follow Johansson's character, a Florida reporter named Madison 'Madi' Cowart, described as, 'a struggling reporter for a Florida newspaper sent to cover the final days of an inmate on death row'

A brand new series is set to be released, featuring Scarlett Johansson in her first major starring role on television. The show will follow the character of Madison ‘Madi’ Cowart, a struggling reporter from Florida who has been assigned to cover the last days of a death row inmate. Christy Hall (known for writing “I Am Not Okay With This”) has been tasked with writing the series, and it was picked up in a highly competitive situation. Along with writer Hall, Johansson will executive produce through her production company These Pictures, alongside Jonathan Lia and Keenan Flynn. Although she has made brief appearances in other shows throughout her career, this TV series marks a significant new direction for the accomplished actress.

Executive producer: Johansson will executive produce through her These Pictures production company, alongside writer Hall and These Pictures' Jonathan Lia and Keenan Flynn

Johansson will be taking on the role of executive producer for her upcoming project, partnering with writer Hall and her production company These Pictures. While many recognize Johansson for her successful acting career, few may know that her debut was on a 1994 episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. She also appeared in the pilot of the television adaptation of John Grisham’s The Client in 1995. Johansson has been involved in various other projects over the years, including a cameo as herself on Entourage in 2004 and lending her voice to multiple characters on the animated series Robot Chicken. She has also appeared on HitRECord On TV and Assassin Banana, using her voice acting skills. In addition, Johansson portrayed Ivanka Trump on several episodes of NBC’s Saturday Night Live in both 2017 and 2018.

First gig: Her first ever professional acting gig was on a 1994 episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien and she also appeared in the pilot of a TV adaptation of John Grisham's The Client in 1995

In 1994, Scarlett Johansson landed her first ever professional acting job on an episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The following year, she made an appearance in the pilot of a television adaptation of John Grisham’s The Client. Recently, Johansson starred in Black Widow as her final performance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and provided the voice for Ash in Sing 2. Additionally, she has My Mother’s Wedding in the works, directed by and starring Kristin Scott Thomas, alongside Freida Pinto and Siena Miller. Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City is also in post-production. Currently, Johansson is busy filming Project Artemis with Channing Tatum, Ray Romano, and Jim Rash.

Coming soon: She also has My Mother's Wedding with Kristin Scott Thomas (who also directs), Freida Pinto and Siena Miller, and Wes Anderson's Asteroid City in post-production

Up next, there are two exciting projects featuring the talented actress! One of them is My Mother’s Wedding, which stars Kristin Scott Thomas (who also happens to be directing), as well as Freida Pinto and Siena Miller. The other project is Asteroid City, directed by Wes Anderson, which is currently in post-production. Stay tuned!

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