Exploring the Quirky Appeal of Felines with the Plumpest Cheeks

Encountering a round and fluffy feline with the appearance of a cat is not an everyday occurrence. Due to their large, fluffy, and cute nature, chubby cats are generally adored by many. When we stumbled upon this adorable kitty, we immediately fell for its charms and couldn’t resist sharing its pictures. Our love for this cat is beyond words!

Allow us to introduce you to Fen Fen, a cat from the Exotic Shorthair breed. Despite having shorter, denser hair, they have a Persian-like physique and facial structure, but much easier fur coats to maintain. Fen Fen is popular for his plump and full cheeks, and it’s no surprise that he has captured the hearts of internet users worldwide! After some research, we discovered that Fen Fen lives at the Pink Pig Cattery in Shanghai.

The cat’s face seems to have been groomed in a way that accentuates his chubby cheeks. But regardless of the grooming, we like to believe it’s all magic and can’t deny his majestic and fluffy appearance. We couldn’t help but admire his cute pictures. It’s amusing to consider the idea of shaving a cat’s face to make it look like a super plump squirrel, even though it never crossed our minds before.

We absolutely love the appearance of a large, pudgy cat – they are so cuddly and adorable. However, we must also remember that an overweight cat can suffer from various health issues, and ultimately their wellbeing should be our top priority. Although Fen Fen’s chubby physique adds to his cuteness, feline obesity can lead to problems such as diabetes, skin conditions, and even joint pain. We truly hope that Fen Fen’s owner is taking all the necessary steps to ensure his happiness and good health.

In a more lighthearted vein, some people believe that the serene grace of a Persian cat can also be seen in exotic shorthairs, except for their love of playing with their human companions. Who wouldn’t want to gently pinch those adorable chubby cheeks? We certainly wouldn’t mind!
Original image credit: FenFen
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