Ecstatic Excursion: Angelina Jolie and her jovial kids explore the French parks during their vacation

Earlier this month, she was all smiles upon her return to France from a United Nations visit to Iraq. Clearly, Angelina Jolie was thrilled to be back with her children. Over the weekend, the 37-year-old actress enjoyed some quality family time by bringing her kids to the park for some fun.

Superstar mom Angelina Jolie treated her kids to an exciting outing in France over the weekend.

Having a blast: Shiloh, Zahara, Knox, and Pax were all smiles as they played at the nearby park. The kids appeared to be having a great time, trying out all the attractions the playground had to offer. Angelina and Brad Pitt’s children were especially excited about the bouncy castle, laughing and bouncing around until they got tired. After a brief rest, they chatted amongst themselves before eagerly running off to play some more.

The kids were having a blast on the inflatable bounce house at the park’s playground.

Check out the height on that jump! Pax was impressing everyone with his jumping abilities, while Vivienne stood off to the side, keeping an eye on her siblings.

The kids needed a break to recharge their batteries before jumping back into their fun and games.

Going on a shopping spree: Angelina later brought them to the market to grab some things from her list of essentials.

Active mother: The celebrity mother happily held her four-year-old son Knox as they walked around the store. Her daughters Zahara, seven, and Vivienne, who is also four, were seen having fun together on a slide. Zahara then took on the challenge of navigating some ropes with Vivienne’s twin brother Knox. The group also included Shiloh, who is a tomboy at six years old, and Pax, who is eight. The oldest member of the family, 11-year-old Maddox, was not seen during the outing.

Girl bonding: Zahara, a bubbly seven-year-old, and Vivienne, a playful four-year-old, were filled with laughter as they made their way down a slide together.

Feeling bold and adventurous, Zahara took charge and guided Knox through maneuvering ropes in the expansive playground.

Adventurer: Vivienne, a girl with a love for all things girly, was spotted gingerly making her way through a tangle of netting, pondering her next move with excitement.

Competition: It appeared that Pax, aged eight, and Shiloh, aged six, were in a playful jumping battle, trying to see who could jump higher.

Zahara was thrilled at the exciting day her well-known mother had arranged, finding it hard to contain her joy. Following their enjoyable time at the park, Angelina treated the kids to a meal at McDonald’s. They also stopped by a nearby grocery store to pick up some necessities. As usual, Angelina looked fabulous in a chic all-black ensemble, complete with stylish sunglasses, a lovely top, and skinny jeans paired with knee-high boots.

Assisting out: Shiloh was spotted lugging around a few shopping bags after spending the day with Vivienne and her other brothers and sisters.

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